Easter tree decs – Free sewing patterns


Pastel coloured felt, 20cm x 40cm, plus scrapsCoordinating embroidery threadNarrow ribbon, selectionFusible webbing, 10cm x 15cmPolyester toy stuffingDecorative button

Dimensions List

Rabbit: 10cm x 13cmEgg: 8cm x 10cmFlower: 8cm in diameter

Make a rabbit

1 Download the templates, trace the rabbit shape onto card and cut out. Place it onto felt and draw around the shape with a pencil, then fit the fabric into an the embroidery hoop. Using three strands of embroidery thread throughout, embroider a lazy daisy near the tail and use a straight stitch with a V either side in two sets to create a branch.

2 Add French knots at the ends of the branches, repeating the pattern for the other side of the flower. Sew the same design across the chest and ear of the rabbit and stitch a French knot in black for the eye. Release the felt from the hoop and cut out the shape.

3 For the back, transfer the template onto contrasting felt, reversing it. Iron a small piece of fusible webbing onto the back of another piece of a different colour, and cut into three narrow strips using pinking shears. Peel off the backing paper, position across the rabbit and iron into place.

4 Fit the fabric into the embroidery hoop and work feather stitches across the bands in coordinating thread. Add little arrows and French knots across the main body. Remove the felt from the hoop and cut the shape out. Sew a length of ribbon to the inside of the ear.

5 With wrong sides facing, pin the two rabbit sections together and sew around the outside in blanket stitch. Leave a small gap on the side and fill with toy stuffing, before closing up the gap. Sew on little bows at the neck either side to finish.

Stitch an egg

1 Transfer the motif for the egg onto felt and iron on three strips in a contrasting colour, as for the rabbit. Work feather stitch across the top and bottom bands in coordinating thread, adding French knot details. Sew ribbon across the centre of the middle panel. Tie a bow and stitch to the middle of the egg. Stitch little arrows in between the stripes, adding more knots as in the picture.

2 Place the template for the egg onto contrasting felt, draw around the shape and cut out. Snip circles from two darker felts in various sizes. Sew them to the other side of the egg using star stitches in coordinating colours.

3 Sew a double loop to the inside of the felt egg. Pin wrong sides together and sew around the outside of the shape using blanket stitch, leaving a small gap on the side for stuffing. After filling, close up the gap.

Create a flower

1 Draw an 8cm circle onto felt and fit into an embroidery hoop. Cut six large and 11 small petals using the templates. Arrange the big petals over one circle and attach them using embroidered branches as before, working French knots into each one, plus several in the centre of the flower. Add a few more around the middle in a contrasting colour.

2 Trace another 8cm circle onto coordinating felt and fit into the hoop. Arrange the smaller petals, as shown, around the circle and sew into place. Cut out a circle of felt for the middle, place a decorative button on top and sew both to the centre of the flower.

3 Cut out both motifs. Sew a loop of ribbon to the inside of one of the decorated circles and with wrong sides facing, pin the pieces together and embroider blanket stitch around the shape, leaving a gap for stuffing. After filling, close the gap.