Easy Make Circle Skirt – Free sewing patterns


Main fabric: stretch jersey, patterned, 140cm wide, 1mSoft netting: coordinating colour, 1mDecorative banding: minimum width 3cm, 4mString, just over 50cm

Dimensions List

This is a cut-to-suit pattern, so you will be able to make the skirt to fit your exact measurements. This guide applies to dress sizes 6-16.

Easy Make Circle Skirt

Fold the main fabric into quarters, with right side facing up. With tailor’s chalk mark the folded corner point – when this is opened out it will indicate the centre of the fabric. Smooth the netting fabric on the floor or other flat surface and unfold the main fabric, laying it pattern side up on top of the netting. Pin the two pieces together securely.

Take the string and tie one end to tailor’s chalk or dressmaker’s pencil. Pin the free end of string to the marked centre point on the fabric, and holding the string taut towards the outer edge begin drawing in a smooth arc to create a circle. Leave the string pinned in place, untie the chalk and re-tie to the string 15cm from the pin. Draw a second, smaller circle onto the fabric.

Cut around the outer circle, ensuring that you work through both the main fabric and netting. Repeat this with the inner circle to produce a ring in both fabrics. Intersect the ring to form the sides cuts by cutting a straight line from the outer edge to the inner circle.

Sew the two pieces of fabric together using a straight machine stitch around the inner circle. Set the machine to reverse and work back over the stitches to secure. This seam is the waist and the skirt now has two layers. With the machine set to a zig zag stitch, work around the entire edge of the main fabric only starting at the top of one side, along the bottom and ending with the second side cut, secure the stitches to finish. You will not need to hem the netting as this will not fray.

Hem the side cuts. With right sides together fold 1cm and press, fold again and press. Pin or tack down the centre of the fold. Then with a straight machine stitch sew the side seam hem and secure at the ends. Repeat on the other side to create a matching turning.

Create the hemline. With the wrong side facing, fold the edge in by 1cm and press, fold again and press to create a neat edge. Pin or tack down the centre of the fold then with a straight machine stitch sew the hemline and secure at the ends.

Add the waistband. Fold the banding strip in half to find the midpoint. With the skirt laid flat and with the right side facing, place the centre point of the banding directly opposite the side seams. Pin in place around the waist seam. Starting at one side seam sew the banding in place with a straight machine stitch and secure at the ends. Cut away any loose ends and trim or shape the free ends of banding as desired.