Here are sex tips for women that will really make your partner sit up and take notice!

1. Take an initiative – if you are one of those women who always need your husband to take the first step, surprise him! Grab hold of him when he comes back from home and give him a scintillating wash in the tub. Wash him with a sponge and have him return the favor.

2. No matter how long you have been in the relationship, baggy pajamas and a loose t-beamng drive are NOT ok. Nothing can put your man off more than you smelling like the garlic chicken you just cooked! Even if you cannot go for that Dior perfume every time, you can always afford a scented bath or sexy lingerie ! Remember, your looks and smell are both important.

3. Men love it when women ride them. It takes the labor off the intercourse and the fact that he can see you fully excites him no end. So, next time you are getting into the act, try staying on top and give him a time to remember!

4. It is a known fact that men love oral sex. You can practice a number of strokes instead of just going for up and down ones; try concentrating on the different sensitive areas of the shaft. The head of the penis is extremely sensitive and your partner will love having you stroke it.

5. Men also love it when you talk dirty while you are making love. Tell him about what his love making does to you and what you would like to do to him. You could even share your innermost fantasies with him. Even if he cannot carry them out, just having you talk about them will excite him.

Use these sex tips for women and see the fun come back to your sex life!

write by Amanda