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There is no way around it. In order for you to have a

successful internet business you will have to include

email list building in your many duties as a marketer.

Email list building is without the single most,

important part of your marketing efforts and should be

done aggressively for maximum results.

What follows is an easy to do outline for the best way

to accomplish email list building even if you do not

have a penny to spend to do so.

First you will want to write a short 10-20 page report

on the subject of your business.

If for instance you are marketing golf shoes, then you

could write up a short report on the best types of golf

shoes for different courses.

Make sure the report is of high quality and contains

useful content.

Within your report you will want to insert a link back

to your website where you will collect the name and

email address of those people who want more information

on your topic.

That is how you will do email list building with your


Now in order to get the word out about your report and

to help your email list building efforts, you will want

to look for several forums that deal with your topic.

Just do a search for your topic and add the forums to


Once you find 3-5 good forums it’s time to kick your

email list building into high gear.

You do this by simply joining the forums and making a

few relevant posts.

You can also ask questions of other posters.

At the end of each post, you will want to add what is

called a resource box to your post and replies.

This is nothing more but an ad for your free report.

Put the link to your website in this resource box so

that other posters can access your report by visiting

your website and entering their information.

This is how you will be doing email list building.

If you make consistent quality posts to the forums and

offer help to others on the forum and always include

your resource box, you will start to build and email

list of your own.

This is the best way to email list building for the

beginner and should be a big part of your routine.

write by Brenna

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