Embroidered Bride-To-Be Tote – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: canvas, white, 50cm; cotton, patterned, 50cmThread, embroidery, pale pink; dark pink;green; blue; yellow; lilac; sewing, matchingTransfer pen, water-soluble

Dimensions List

31cm x 32cm (excluding handles)

Create a bride-to-be bag

Cut 33cm x 66cm from white canvas and fold it in half widthways. Snip a 3.7cm high x 5cm wide rectangle from each folded corner. Repeat with cotton lining fabric.

Trace the daisy chain heart design from the template located at www.sewmag.co.uk onto the front of one side of the bag with a water-soluble transfer pen. Use a light box, or simply tape the design onto a bright window, then place the canvas bag over it, positioning the design in the middle. Tape to secure and trace.

Using the photo as a guide and three strands of embroidery thread, stem stitch all of the stalks of the daisies, then embroider the leaves and flowers using lazy daisy stitch. Add dimension and interest by going over the holding stitch at the tip of the petals with a contrasting colour, and add a line down the centre of each petal from its base in the same colour. Use satin stitch or clusters of French knots to create the centres of each daisy.

With right sides together, pin the long sides of the canvas bag, then sew 1cm from the edge. Pinch one open end of the base of the bag together so that the side seam is in the centre of the base, pin and sew. Repeat on the other side, then with the lining. Press the seams open.

To make the handles, cut two 8cm x 56cm rectangles from canvas and fold the ends down by 1.5cm. Bring in the long sides so they meet in the centre and fold the handle in half lengthways again. Pin and sew close to the edge along the length.

Turn the canvas bag right side out, fold under the top seam by 2cm and press. Fold the top seam of the lining under by 3.5cm and press. Insert the lining inside, wrong sides facing. Position the handles between the canvas and the lining, so that the ends are 4cm from the top of the bag and the centre of the handles are 8.5cm from the side seams. Pin, tack and sew around the top of the bag, 1cm from the edge.