Embroidered Christmas Cake Band – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: linen or cotton, turquoise, 20cm x 50cm; lightweight silk or polyester, white, 44cm x 75cmEmbroidery thread, whiteEdging, lace, 1mEmbroidery needleEmbroidery hoop or frame

Dimensions List

This project has been designed to fit a medium to large cake.

Sew a cake band

Mark an 18cm x 50cm rectangle onto a 20cm x 50cm piece of turquoise linen. Download the template then transfer it to the centre of the shape. Place the fabric in an embroidery hoop and begin to fill in the lettering with satin stitch, using two strands of white embroidery thread.

Continue to work the design, sewing the larger snowflakes with chain stitch and the smaller ones in split stitch. Once complete, remove the fabric from the hoop and press on the wrong side, taking care not to flatten the stitch work.

To make up the band, cut along the lines of the rectangle and fold the fabric in half lengthways, with right sides facing. Stitch the raw long edges together, 1cm in and turn right sides out. With the seam along the centre back, press the fabric to form a crisp fold along each edge.

Stitch two 50cm lengths of lace edging into place along the top and bottom of the band. Turn the edges of the cake band in by 1cm at each end and press.

To make the ties, cut four 9cm x 75cm strips of white lining fabric. Take two pieces and stitch two sides together with right sides facing along the long ends, 1cm from the edges. Stitch across one side of each strip at a 45? angle, to form a pointed end. Repeat with the remaining two strips.

Turn each tie right sides out and insert the short, straight edges into the linen band, one at each end. To finish, machine or slip stitch to close the gap and secure the silk ties into place.