Embroidered Flowers Picture Frame – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, linen: blue; whiteThread, embroidery: selection of variegated colours; blackPhoto frameRibbon, blueGlue, fabricStuffingFabric pen, dissolvingEmbroidery hoopStaple gunSequinsFabric flower

Dimensions List

19cm x 24cm

Stitch a frame

Download the embroidery guides and print. Transfer them onto a piece of fabric using a light box and dissolvable pen or by using transfer paper to iron it onto the fabric.

Place the fabric into an embroidery hoop and thread a needle with three strands of multi-coloured thread in the colours of your choice. Fill in each of the flower petals using satin stitch. Continue this technique until you have worked the entire design.

Set the finished piece aside and move onto the image in the centre. If you wish to simply put a photograph in the frame, continue to step 4. For the stitched image, trace the design onto white linen. Using two strands of black embroidery thread, work chain stitch to complete the portrait, changing to yellow, then orange to complete her headdress. If desired, finish the portrait by adhering several sequins using fabric glue.

Trim a strip of stuffing and glue it all the way around the frame to give the project more dimension. Place your embroidered flower material onto the frame and line it up. Stretch the fabric tight around the length of the frame and staple at the back. Repeat for the width.

With the fabric roughly fixed into place, add several more staples either side to add extra security, but leave the corners. Make sure the fabric is pulled tight so that there is no loose material at the front.

Fold the corners of the fabric neatly so that you create a fold just in the corner, then staple down the remaining material after pulling it tight once again. The frame should now be secured with only the middle part left to secure.

Cut a cross diagonally into the middle of the frame so that it reaches each corner precisely. Once cut, pull tightly around the inside of the frame and staple into place. Once complete, cut away any excess fabric. Next, cut out the design (if using) for the centre to fit the backing of the frame and glue into place.

To neaten up the inside of the frame, stitch a length of ribbon around the rim. Add a fabric flower, if desired. Finally, insert your portrait, fastening securely at the back.