Embroidered Lavender Pillow set – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, linen or cotton: lilac, 20cm x 24cm; deep violet, 20cm x 24cm, for pillow; 11cm x 16cm, for sachetThread, embroidery, cotton, six stranded, one skein each: violet; lilac; green; variegated violetTrim: broderie anglaise, lilac, gathered, 120cm; ribbon, sheer, green, 1cm x 50cmTransfer penNeedle, crewelEmbroidery hoopLavender, dried

Dimensions List

Pillow: 18cm x 22cmSachet: 9cm x 14cm

Stitch a pillow

Locate and download the template and transfer the ‘sweet dreams’ motif, complete with border, onto the centre of the lilac fabric. Using an embroidery hoop, fill in the lettering in satin stitch with two strands of embroidery thread; use violet strands for the word ‘sweet’ and lilac for ‘dreams’.

Embroider the border line in stem stitch, using variegated violet thread. Follow with the flower motifs and swirls, then fill in the leaf shapes using green thread. Once complete, remove from the hoop and press on the reverse, taking care not to flatten the embroidery stitches.

Line up the raw edge of the gathered broderie anglaise trim with the edges of the lilac rectangle, so that the scalloped part of the lace faces towards the centre of the fabric. Pin together, pleating the lace at each corner, then tack in place.

Place the lace-trimmed front piece right side up and position the deep violet rectangle on top. Match the edges, then stitch all around, leaving a gap of 10cm on one side for turning. Clip the corners, turn right sides out and fill with dried lavender. Tuck in the raw edges on the opening of the fabric and slip stitch the folded edges together.

Sew a sachet

Mark out a rectangle measuring 11cm x 16cm on deep violet fabric. Locate and download the template and transfer the small flower motif onto the centre of one half of the material. Place in an embroidery hoop, then fill in the flower and leaf shapes in satin stitch using two strands each of the variegated violet and green threads. Refer to the photograph of the finished sachet as a guide.

When complete, remove the fabric from the hoop and press on the reverse, taking care not to flatten the embroidered design. To make up the sachet, cut out the rectangle then fold in half and stitch along the two side seams. Clip the two bottom corners and turn right sides out.

Fold the top edge to the inside and stitch the lace trim in place. With a double thickness of thread, sew a running stitch around the top of the sachet, just below the lace edging. Fill the sachet with lavender and pull up the gathering thread to close the opening, then secure. Tie a length of ribbon around the top to hide the gathering stitches.