Embroidered Pot Holder – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cream; gingham; heat-proofThread, embroidery, selectionNeedle, embroideryIron-on transfer paper or fabric penBias binding, crochet edgeEmbroidery hoop

Dimensions List

18cm square

Make a pot holder

Download and print the pattern for the centre of the pot holder. Trace this onto iron-on paper, or use a fabric pen to draw the design straight onto cream fabric.

Place the fabric into an embroidery hoop with the design inside. Using two strands of thread, embroider the pattern using chain stitch on the outlines and satin stitch for the petal-style motifs. Use similar colours to the image, or a selection of your own.

Remove the fabric from the hoop. Measure around the pattern, keeping it central, to create an 18cm square then cut out. Make the same sized square from gingham and heat-proof fabric. Take the three squares and pin them together with the heatproof fabric sandwiched between the embroidered top and gingham bottom.

Roughly sew the pieces together around the edge. Next, pin bias binding all around the edge, leaving 5cm at one corner to form a loop. Sew all around the square with a contrast thread. Either sew with neat hand stitches or use a sewing machine for a professional finish.

Fold over the leftover binding to form a loop then sew down the loose end. A decorative button can be stitched on to hide the join. Iron the pot holder. Repeat to make as many pot holders as required, altering the colours of the embroidery on each slightly.