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In these times of mass produced clones of footwear there is still a company that offers handmade creations that can enclose your feet in truly regal style. If you have an eye for detail and love to wear only high quality formal shoes, loafers, or boots then John Spencer is one name that should spring to your mind since their products are sure to put a spring in your steps.

This century old company has been providing top quality leather footwear made by skilled artisans that have had their skills passed down through generations. Each component that goes into making their shoes or boots, be it the insole, upper or sole, is designed to perfection and executed using the Goodyear Welt process that offers decades of comfortable walking and then some more.

When you need tough, comfortable and durable footwear to impress your boss and your clients or need to do a lot of walking or standing around in your course of business then you really need comfortable footwear that also conveys style at the same time.

Each product made by this patient company passes through several processes that are painstakingly done by hand or manual machines. The company produces pieces of footwear made with leather in eye-pleasing colours such as black, beige, brown, etc. that are perfect for formal, business and even semi-casual occasions. This English company ensures that their footwear will complement your individuality while also lasting for many years to come.

Whether you require top quality shoes or boots or loafers or simply want a pair of each, you will surely be able to view a wide range of products when you visit a reliable online store that offers excellent deals on their footwear. You can now compare colours, finishes, features and prices while even zooming up the photos of the desired products before you make an informed choice.

Even though John Spencer shoes are carefully crafted by hand, their prices are still very reasonable when compared to other competing brands. The English heritage and influence in all their shoes, boots and loafers provide a royal look to your feet even as your feet remain comfortably enclosed in supple-yet-strong leather. The company offers its shoes under various names such as Academy, Dorchester, Oxford, etc. while their loafers are available under names such as Boston, Harvard, Yale, etc. Their boots are available under innovative names such as Chukka D Boot, Richmond, Chukka Dai Nite, etc. If, after wearing your shoes, boots or loafers for several years, the soles do wear out then you need not worry since their Goodyear technique ensures that those worn-out soles can be replaced with new ones provided the uppers are in good condition.

If you love attention to detail in life and are particular about the footwear that you possess and wear then you should only look towards John Spencer shoes when you need boots, shoes or loafers. If you like a professional look when you are working and yet want to be comfortable throughout the day then you certainly require hand-crafted footwear that has been designed and made by true-shoe experts. Their products will not only last for years to come but their life can easily be extended, even if you manage to wear out their soles after several years of continuous use.

write by Jessica Reeder

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