Energy Drink For Sport Enthusiasts – Making You More Active

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Energy drinks improve athletic performance.

Is this a false claim or a mere belief of sports enthusiasts and fanatics?

It was in the year 1965 when a group of medical specialists from the University of Florida discovered the pioneering sports drink. This was done in order to encourage their athletes to fight the burden of tiredness and turn it into the best possible athletic performance enhancer without using performance-enhancing drugs banned by the FDA and sports leagues.

Gatorade is one of the most commonly known sport drinks for the athlete that was developed by the said doctors. It is available in various colors and flavors that will really tempt your taste buds. However, it has been found out that the development of this energy drink somehow brings a frustrating effect in the health of the athletes.

Most of them became dependent with energy drinks. They are so much tempted with this flavored beverage while bringing the belief that it will increase their performance. It is said that as high as 90 percent of them prefer energy drink than water after a tiring activity. This is not good because it results to dehydration.

Water is a major component that the body of a person is comprised of. This is involved in several processes that take place in your system. It must be clear that an energy drink is not a natural alternative to water because of the ingredients that it contain. This is just a stimulant and will never replace the function of water in your system.

While the carbohydrate content of the energy drink for sports lover can aid in fuelling active muscles that will help prevent fatigue, the result is that it will boost an increasing effort for the players. This is the truth regarding the effect of energy drinks for many sports inclined people.

Sports drinks also contain supplements that are useful for replenishing fluids and nutrients utilized by the body after strenuous activities and sporting events. Some of the said drinks are pre-made liquids while the others can be made through own mixing.

Basically, there are three general classifications of sports drinks:

1. Isotonic Fluid

This is the best choice for majority of the athletes because it can sustain energy needs for middle and long distances running or in more tiring team sports. The electrolytes and carbohydrates content is about 6-8%.

2. Hypotonic Liquids

The level of carbohydrates ad electrolytes here are low. This is best for jockeys and gymnasts.

3. Hypertonic Fluids

As compared to the rest of the classifications of sports drink, it has the highest level of carbohydrate. This is appropriate for ultra distant events and can be used in complementary with the isotonic liquids.

The carbohydrate level and the electrolyte level of the body affect the speed of the fluid entering the body. Usually, if your body has a higher level of carbo there is a tendency that your stomach will seldom experience emptiness while the electrolyte promotes the absorption of fluid that will prevent dehydration.

In choosing an energy drink, you also need to consult your doctor or physician regarding the brand that will suit your needs. They can also recommend you the best type of dink that has the best flavor, taste and potency. Develop your skillfulness in sports while being aided by the quality energy drinks available for you.

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