Enhance Your X-Factor With the Right Style of Plus Size Suits

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If you are a full-figured career woman in her forties or a new graduate in early twenties looking for a job and getting ready for several job interviews, it is very important to have at least one or two black or charcoal gray blazer coat, skirt and pants as your basic wardrobe. You can slowly add brown, green and other coats, skirts and pants.

You should also include a number of plain white, blue, cream, pink, green, orange, black blouses of different shades. For the young professional, you can start with at least 3 blouses. You can also add colorfully designed items. Among the accessories you will need would be matching plain and with beautiful designed blouses. You should also have medium heeled black, brown, gray and other colors of fashion statement or designer shoes if you have the logistics.

Among the brands of plus size suits you can invest in are GB, Alex Evenings, Anne Klein, Charter Club, DKNYC, Evan Picone, JM Collection, Jones New York, Kasper, Le Suit, Michael Kors, Nine West, Rafaella Style & Co., and T Tahari, Tahari and Tahari Woman. For some price sampling, you can Google search the internet for these brands.

There are special sale prices for a few brands offering 50% off, like the Nine West Plus Size Suit, Long Sleeve Pinstripe Jacket, Printed Cami & Straight Leg Pants which sells for $139.00. cA Kasper Plus Size Suit, Long Sleeve Shimmer Jacket, Sleeveless Top & Pencil Skirt sells for $159.99. An Evan Picone Plus Size Suit, Long Sleeve Notched Collar Jacket & Sheath Dress sells for only $119.99 while an ASL plus size suit, long sleeve with two button jacket and trouser leg pants sells for $139.00. Perfect timing is important in your schedule of purchase. Do it when stores are having inventory, clearance, thanksgiving and holiday promo sales to get a substantial bargain for your plus size suits.

There are different types of a woman’s shape. It is categorized simply as a Straight, Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Full Bust shapes. Knowing your shape category will guide you in selecting the most suited and appealing plus size suits. Adding accessories like necklaces, scarves, bracelets, earrings, belts and nicely brushed and styled hair with simple hairpins or head bands and matching pair of shoes will project a professional, decent, stylish and fashionable image for you.

Consistency is also a big factor. If you want to enjoy that positive image of a sophisticated and trendy full figure dresser, slowly increase your wardrobe collection. Keep abreast with the latest fashions in the business suit category and develop your skills and knowledge in professional dressing. Reading and learning from the fashion tips will give you lots of ideas on how to accentuate and dress up in a sophisticated, glamorous and elegant way.

You must also remember that your classy plus size suits are only external manifestations. When they are inside your wardrobe cabinet, all of them can look nice, trendy and beautiful to your sight. However, there is a big difference when you remove them from the rack and fit them to your full figure physique. Wearing your suit is not the end all. It is the way in how you carry your plus size suits that matter. The confident professional image projection: proper posture, manner of walking, sitting, standing, gestures, mannerisms, body language and speech should be integrated and balanced to transform you from an average full figure woman into a unique, highly confident and a standout, full-figured, career or business lady. Age, race, color, height and size do not really matter. It is how to make the best of what you have that really counts!

What it means is you must enhance the “X” factor in your personality and character. Charisma, honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability, good PR, faith, love of God and your fellow humans as well as being a rounded person with a strong, positive attitude and well liked habits of smiling and no whining can invigorate and reinforce that special “X” factor in you! A strong and solid balance of internal and external manifestations can put gorgeous colors of wonder and brilliance to your collection of plus size suits!

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