Enlarging Your Penis – Enlarging My Penis Manually Vs a Penis Extender Device

Enlarging Your Penis - Enlarging My Penis Manually Vs a Penis Extender Device

Enlarging Your Penis - Enlarging My Penis Manually Vs a Penis Extender Device

One of the most effective means of enlarging your penis is to do a series of stretching and jelqing exercises. These methods have proven to add one to three inches in length (will increase your girth too) or more. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both manual methods and extension devices.

Penis Extension Devices

This has proven to be my method of choice, so here are some of the pros and cons of the penis extender:


– It’s hands free. You just put it on and you can wear it as long as it’s comfortable (up to 10 hours daily, but I seem to need to give my guy a breather every 1- 1.5 hours).

– It can be worn discreetly under your pants (I’m able to wear it in my office and it’s not noticeable if I don’t tuck in my cincinnati bengals t busch light plaquenilhydrochlor ). It has proven to be less discreet as I have made gains (this is a good thing though).

– It measures tensile stress to ensure you don’t over- due it or under- do it.

– You get much quicker results, especially if you incorporate jelqing exercises (easy to find on the internet).

– Most of the better devices have a 6 month, no risk guarantee.

– Results! On average, each user gains 13% in the first month and about 30% after six months (results obviously vary depending on the amount of time worn).

– The better devices are clinically proven and are medical type 1 devices.


The only con is that this cost a bit more money that simply buying a book that teaches you how to properly stretch & exercise your penis.

Enlarging my penis by manually stretching

This method also works. Here are the pros and cons.


The only pro with this one, is the cost.


– You can’t measure tensile strength for safety and maximum results.

– The longer you stretch, the faster you see results. Imagine manually stretching your penis for 4- 10 hours per day. It’s just not going to happen.

– It can be hard to maintain a solid grip and maintain a constant stretch.

– Results are much slower. You’re likely to give up after tugging on your tally- whacker for a couple hours a day for a few weeks, if you don’t see marginal results. Realistically, you can expect about 1/3 of an inch per year if you do this for 2 hours per day.

Using stretching exercises or penis extenders will serve you well if you are looking to gain in length or girth. Basically, it’s just a matter of cost. The extenders will offer much quicker results, but will cost more than buying simple exercise/stretching regimen. This is especially true if you opt for the quality devices. I highly emphasize quality, as you’ll want to wear this at least 3- 5 hours daily. The main difference in the higher quality devices is that they are much more comfortable. I can handle semi uncomfortable new york mets tính diện tích , but not something I wear on my tally- whacker.

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