Enveloped-Back Pintuck Cushions – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, Art Gallery Fabrics,Textures range: SwirlsCitrus; Swirls Pearl; SwirlsJade; Cobblestones Teal;Cobblestones Kiwi; Cobblestones Grey; Crosshatch Slate; Crosshatch Silver; Crosshatch Lime; RightAngles Panel; fat quarter of eachCushion pads: 30cm square; 31cm x 39cmThread, machine, coordinating Buttons, five, coordinatingRibbon, grey, 6mm wide

Dimensions List

Scallop-edge cushion: 30cm x 44cmSquare cushion: 30cm square

Scallop-edge cushion

Cut a 17cm x 33cm centre piece from Swirls Citrus fabric, and two side panels in Cobblestones Teal fabric, sized 14cm x 33cm. Stitch the panels either side of the centre with right sides facing, allowing for a 1cm seam allowance throughout. Iron the seam open.

For the pintucks, fold each panel into 5mm pleats with 5mm in between each one. Stitch down each pleat. Iron as you go to ensure a neat finish.

Cut the next two side panels from Cobblestones Kiwi, measuring 14cm x 33cm and repeat step 2. Trim this whole piece to 27cm x 33cm. Cut two 9cm x 33cm end panels from Crosshatch Slate, stitch to each side and iron.

To manipulate the pleats, measure the middle and folding the teal pleats towards the edges of the cushion, stitch across with matching thread. Fold the next yellow pleats the opposite way and stitch in yellow thread. Repeat this halfway between the middle and top, and middle and bottom, folding in opposite directions to create a wave effect. Stitch the ends of the pleats in their folded position near the edge as this will ensure the pintucks are caught into the seam the right way. Stitch three coordinating buttons as shown.

Cut six semi-circles, 10.5cm diameter from Crosshatch Slate and six from Right Angles Panel fabric for the cushion backing. Stitch one of each with right sides facing on the circular edge, snip the curved seam and turn right side out. Iron and topstitch each one. Pin each scallop down either side of the cushion front with right sides together and set aside.

For the back, cut a 32cm x 33cm main piece from Right Angles Panel fabric. Fold one end over twice and hem. Cut another 22cm x 32cm rectangle, plus a smaller 12cm x 32cm section and stitch them with right sides together, trapping a 14cm piece of ribbon in the middle. Press the seam, fold back so that the wrong sides are facing and topstitch across the edge.

Lay the finished front right side up, then place the smaller back piece with the ribbon loop in to the right, wrong side up. Position the larger back piece to the left also wrong side up, pin and stitch all the way around, making sure to catch in the straight edges of the scallop trims. Snip the excess fabric from the corners, turn right side out and mark the place where you need to stitch a button on the back.

Square cushion

Cut a 7.5cm x 32cm rectangle each of Swirls Jade, Crosshatch Silver, Swirls Pearl and Crosshatch Lime fabric. Start pintucking each piece separately by folding over by 3cm and stitching a seam along the folded edge, 5mm in from the edge. Iron on the reverse, fold again by 1cm and repeat so you have three tucks on each piece. Join all four fabrics together, alternating the patterns and manipulate the folds as before by stitching them down in alternate opposite directions.

Trim the pintucked piece of fabric to 13cm x 32cm and stitch a 3cm x 32cm band of Cobblestones Teal down the side, then press the seam. For the second part of the front, create a patchworked piece to measure 21.5cm x 32cm when finished, by stitching together different sized pieces of Crosshatch Silver, Cobblestones Grey and Swirls Pearl. Assemble them in rows first, then sew them together, ironing the seams regularly. Topstitch a few rectangular shapes in teal thread to add detail, then sew this whole piece to the pintucked section and trim to 32cm square.

For the back, cut a 25cm x 32cm main piece of Swirls Pearl, fold one end over twice and hem. Cut an 18cm x 32cm section from Swirls Jade, plus another measuring 11cm x 32cm and stitch these two together as before, trapping a loop of ribbon in the middle and top stitching. Pin together and stitch all the way round, then trim the corners and turn right side out. Add a button to the back.