ESL Teaching Game – Hangman

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This Is A Classic Fun ESL Game:

How To Play Hangman:

1. Hangman is the most classic ESL game that I know. It is easy to play. And the best part about this is that you can play it many different ways. The way that I am going to explain to you is the most basic way.

You will think of a word in your head. Let’s say that this word in your head is “Pineapple.”

You would then draw lines below where each letter would go, i.e.: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2. You would then divide your class into two teams.

One team would be the red team; and for every right letter they guess you will write the letter using a red marker. The other team would be the blue team; and for every right letter that they guess, you would write the letter using a blue marker.

3. Next you would draw a line from the bottom of the board upwards about 90cm, then from the top of that line; you would draw a horizontal line (20cm) to the left.

4. Now you will ask the students to raise their hands to guess a letter.

Tip: To be a fair teacher ~ let the teams take turns guessing. However, if no one from one team has their hand up, then it is OK to let the other team have two guesses in a row.

Also, if you notice that some students are not participating at all; call upon them to have a turn.

5. If the red team member guesses, “A,” you would then use the red marker to write the letter A in the word puzzle.

_ _ _ _ a _ _ _ _

6. Now, pick someone from the blue team. If that student guesses the letter, “P;” write all of the P letters in the puzzle.

P _ _ _ a p p _ _

7. Next it would be the red team’s turn again. If they guess the letter, “G,” and there are no G’s… then this is basic way to play the hangman game.

First wrong guess = Draw the man’s head

Second wrong guess = Draw the man’s arms

Third wrong guess = Draw the man’s Legs

Fourth wrong guess = Draw the man’s hands

Fifth wrong guess = Draw the man’s feet/shoes

Sixth wrong guess = Draw the man’s sad face

And you draw the man’s sad face last because that would be the end of the game.

If the student’s guess wrong six times, then the teacher wins.

However, if the students are able to guess all of the letters without guessing wrong six times; the students win.

8. If the students win then you will need to add up all of the RED LETTERS and all of the BLUE LETTERS.

Whichever team has more points wins the game!

write by Fallon

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