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Espadrilles are a range of casual flat or high heeled shoes and sandals. Espadrilles are extremely comfortable shoes and can be worn by both men and women alike. Espadrilles has it’s origin from the beautiful mountain range of Pyrennes which lies as the natural border between France and Spain. Espadrilles shoes are very famous all around the world especially in Spain and the surrounding areas.With design of the highest quality and also being eco friendly, Espadrilles shoes speaks high fashion. The word Espadrilles is French which has been in turn derived from a Spanish word.

Espadrilles have been manufactured in Spain since the 14th Century and there are still many shops in Spain which have been making Espadrilles shoes from over a century. There are a wide range of Espadrilles for women as well as Espadrilles for men which are designed by top notch designers from all around the world. The best Espadrilles shoes are made in Spain. The sole of an Espadrilles shoe may be flat, platform or wedged shaped and are mostly made of natural jute or natural rubber.The upper soles are a blend of both cotton and linen.Thus since Espadrilles uses totally natural substances it is very eco friendly. The manufacture of these kind of shoes is done without the use of any kind of toxic chemicals which may be harmful to the environment.

There are many types of Espadrilles like slip in, slide etc. and some may come with an ankle strap to keep your feet secure. These strap ons are made of jute. The manufacturing of Espadrilles sandals is a very laborious process as well as very complex. A lot of work also is done to make the design more fancier. The benefits of wearing Espadrilles is that it is very comfortable. The jute softens in a few days and once it does it feels so soft that you will feel like you are walking on grass. Another advantage that you will have by wearing an Espadrilles shoe is that it helps keep your feet from sweating and odor free all through out the day. This is possible because of the jute that is used in the Espadrilles, since jute has special characteristics which allow air to pass easily through it.

This becomes specially helpful in summers when we tend to sweat a lot due to the heat. The other advantages that Espadrilles offers is the eco-friendliness. Since Espadrilles are totally made of natural substances, it is 100% environment friendly.

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