Essential tool belt – Free sewing patterns


Fabrics from the Winged collection by Art Gallery Fabrics, Metamorphosis Coral, Feathered Flight Sunken, 50cm x 1.14m of eachMedium/heavy weight, iron on interfacingWhite cotton threadAir-erasable pen

Dimensions List

26cm x 55.5cm (excluding straps)

Make a tool belt

1 Cut two rectangles from coral fabric and a piece of medium/heavy weight iron on interfacing, each measuring 25cm x 56cm. Iron the interfacing onto the back of one of the coral rectangles. Cut 17cm x 56cm of bird print.

2 Hem the top long edge of the bird print rectangle by turning it over by 1cm, pinning as you go. Machine stitch and press. Turn the bottom edge under by 1cm and pin, then pin the whole rectangle onto the non interfaced coral piece, 5cm up from the bottom edge. Sew along the bottom edge of the contrasting rectangle. This will form the pocket.

3 Cut 5cm x 56cm of bird print fabric. Turn each of the long edges over by 1cm and press. Fold the whole strip in half lengthways and press again. This is the bottom edging strip.

4 Place the rectangle with the pocket on top of the other interfaced rectangle, wrong sides together, then pin the bottom edging strip along the base of the two rectangles to overlap on both sides. Sew together 3mm from the edge of the bottom strip.

5 Measure the centre of the pocket top and bottom, and draw a line with an air-erasable fabric pen. Sew along this line, doubling back at the top of the pocket to reinforce the join. Measure out 10cm on either side from the sewn line and repeat.

6 Cut two 5cm x 25cm pieces of coral fabric. Turn each of the long edges under to the wrong side by 1cm and press, then fold both strips in half lengthways and press again. Pin these down either side of the pouch to overlap both front and back, tucking in the corners when you reach the bottom. Stitch 3mm from the side edges. Hand sew the gaps where you’ve tucked in the corners, using small over stitches.

7 Cut 10cm x 18cm of coral print. Turn under each edge by 5mm and press. Trim the corners, then fold the strip in half lengthways and press again. Cut 4cm x 16cm of interfacing and iron it onto the inside of one half. Fold back in half, pin and stitch around the three open sides.

8 Pin one short edge of the strip to the pouch and fold to form a loop. Pin the other short edge to the pouch – you should have a 2cm gap between the two top edges. Press, then secure the loop by sewing a rectangle, starting on one of the top edges, working down till you’re almost at the top of the pocket edge. Machine stitch a cross across the centre. Repeat on the other top edge.

9 For the waistband, cut two 10cm x 1.10m pieces of bird print. Pin and sew two of the short edges right sides together and press the seam open. Turn the other short edges in by 1cm and press, then turn both the long edges in by 1cm and press. Fold the whole waistband in half lengthways and press again. Trim the corners.

10 Measure to the centre of the top edge of the pouch and match with the centre seam of the waistband. Pin the waistband to the pouch, overlapping on both sides. When you get to the edges of the pouch, sew around all three pinned sides of the waistband ties and down the edge of the pouch where it sits inside the waistband. Press.