Evenweave Easter Bunny – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: evenweave, pink; floralThread, assorted colours Stuffing, polyester, Ribbon Buttons

Sew a friendly Easter bunny

Download and print the bunny template. Use it to cut two rabbits from pink fabric, then sew a flower on the left hand-side. Place right sides together and stitch all around the body, leaving a gap for turning. Turn out, then stuff the toy and sew up the gap.

Take two smaller pieces of pink evenweave and draw around the ear template. Repeat for the second ear (reverse). Sew round the shapes, leaving the gap at the bottom open, then trim. Turn the ears the right way out and sew closed. Gather the bottom and secure with a few stitches.

Make a small slit in the seam on each side of the rabbit’s head and insert the ears, then sew through the ears and the head seam firmly. Make the face by embroidering a pink nose in satin stitch, then French knots for the eyes and back stitch for the mouth. Add three buttons on the front and tie floral fabric around the neck to finish.