Exercises to Increase Jumping Ability – How to Jump Higher in Basketball

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There are many exercises that you can do to improve your jumping ability. By generally improving speed and strength, and as a result your overall power, your ability to jump higher will improve. Here are 4 exercises to increase jumping ability.

The first one is bounds. Start off jogging and then push forward with your right leg and then bring your left leg forward with an extended stride. Whilst you do this your left arm should reach quickly forward for added momentum. You should attempt to hold this stride for a short time and then land and immediately stride forward on the opposite side. Continue this for as long as you comfortable can.

The second exercise is hurdle hopping. Set up some hurdles in a row and appropriate distances apart. Stand straight in front of the hurdles and from a standing start spring off your feet and jump over the hurdle ahead of you. When you land immediately carry on jumping over the remaining hurdles.

The third exercise is single leg hopping. The simple aim of this particular exercise is to stand straight on one leg with the other off the ground and then leap forward and land on the same leg. Use the other leg and arms to stabilise your movements and aim to jump higher and higher on each jump.

The final exercise are tuck jumps. These are also very simple and merely involve you standing straight and then thrusting into the air with both legs and then raising them to your chest as you go. When your feet land back to the floor, make sure that you land on the balls of your feet and immediately leap off again.

For all of these exercises the emphasis needs to be on the quality of each jump rather than the overall quantity of how many you do. Therefore you need to ensure that you focus your attention on each and every jump.

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