Fab Summer Party Theme Ideas

Fab Summer Party Theme Ideas

Fab Summer Party Theme Ideasblack t shirt

During the summer months you don’t need a reason to throw a party. People are generally much happier, more carefree and totally up for dancing until the morning light. So what are you waiting for? Host your very own night to remember. Whether it’s an indoor party or you’re fortunate enough to have access to a terrace or garden for an outdoor gathering, why not make it a themed event?

Your guests will love having a reason to do a bit of shopping, and the pictures of the night will be so worth it. What with the abundance of smartphones and cameras, you’re bound to have loads of people posting photos online to prove your party was a success.

Struggling to come up with an original party idea? Try a…

Late Night Tea Party

Instead of afternoon tea, why not serve late night tea? You could make it into a potluck-style evening where every guest is asked to contribute to the cake stand. Substitute the tea for cocktails served in teapots for a trendy, vintage-inspired evening.

Raid your local charity shop to stock up on vintage crockery and linen to transform your party space into a retro paradise. Bunting is an extra cute addition.

Ask guests to come dressed in tea dresses and suits from a certain era or throughout the ages.

Play jazz music or something similar so you can all sway gently to the beat dreaming about what partying would have meant to your granny and granddad.

Watch period dramas to get you in the mood, from Downton Abbey to Titanic.

Futuristic Party

Back in the 90s it was popular to throw 21st century-themed parties when people were predicting the era to spawn great advances in science and technology. Now we know what it’s like and what the time’s brought with it, wouldn’t it be fun to transport ourselves further into the future, say the 22nd Century?

The theme gives you great freedom to experiment with decorations, costumes and food, and will certainly force people to use their creativity.

Think metallics and technology for inspiration, and watch sci-fi movies. Electro, drum’n’bass, and minimal are good musical choices for future-themed evenings.

Grunge Party

Whoever would have thought the 90s would ever be considered cool again? Well, the latest trends reveal that the era has become a clear influence on contemporary fashion, film and even music. Grunge is back and it’s big. So you and your guests won’t necessarily have to rummage around vintage shops to find appropriate clothing. Hit the high street to buy ripped jeans, flannel shirts, Dr Martens and leather jackets.

Decorate using old records, empty bottles used as candlesticks, and lots of ashtrays.

Put together an epic playlist with grunge period stars like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, and Pearl Jam.

If you intend on having snacks, pop tarts are a good choice, as well as nachos with dip, and takeaway foods like pizza and potato wedges.

For inspiration, watch movies from the time: Singles, and Trainspotting.

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