Fabric Baby Stacking Ring Game – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton: printed, 25cm, four; 35cm, one; plain, yellow, 10cmInterfacing: lightweight, 1m; heavy, 25cmThread, embroideryToy stuffingCotton budBlush (for cheeks)

Dimensions List

22cm x 36cm

Sew baby stacking rings

Download the templates and print. Use them to cut out two of each ring from fabric and lightweight interfacing. Tack the interfacing to the wrong sides of the rings and using a light box or window, mark the inner circle, both circular lines of stitching (indicated by the dotted line), crosses and notches on the interfacing.

Cut out the small circle in the centre of each ring, then clip out to the stitching line around it. Make cuts approximately 1cm apart around the outside of each ring, down to the stitching line.

Cut out the inner gussets for each ring. Mark the crosses. With right sides together, fold each gusset in half and sew into a ring with a 1cm seam allowance. Clip both edges approximately 1cm apart and 1cm deep. Turn right side out. Repeat for the outer gussets, marking the notches.

With right sides facing, slide the inner gusset, into the hole in the centre of a ring, aligning the crosses on both sides. Pin and tack so the gusset sits evenly inside the ring, then sew together using small back stitches. Fold over 1cm on the unsewn edge of the inner gusset and tack.

With right sides facing, and aligning the marks and notches, pin and tack the outer gusset to the ring. Sew all the way around. Pin, tack and sew the remaining ring to the other edge of the outer gusset. Fold in the clipped centre circle and tack. Turn the fabric right side out. You should have a drum shape with a chimney on top.

Stuff the drum through the small centre hole, pushing the filling out to the sides to create a smooth, rounded shape. When the drum is almost completely stuffed, poke your finger through the centre of the filling to allow the inner gusset to be pulled through the middle of the drum. Pin the two tacked edges together, ensuring the inner gusset is not twisted, and slip stitch closed. Repeat for the other rings.

Make a base

Cut out the pole template from collar stiffening fabric or heavyweight interfacing, and printed cotton fabric. Fold the fabric over the top and sides of the interfacing, smooth, pin and sew 1cm from the edge. Fold the edge of the fabric covered interfacing over to form a narrow cone and whip stitch in place. Sew the top shut and stuff well. Fold the fabric at the bottom of the pole under 1cm, then make long stitches to gather. Pull tight and stitch closed. If desired, sew the pole to the largest ring to create a base.

Create a bunny topper

Cut out the pieces for the bunny’s head using the templates provided. Centre the inner ear pieces on the right sides of the ears, then sew in place using zig zag or buttonhole stitch. With right sides facing, sew around the ear pieces leaving the bottom plus 2cm open, and turn right side out. Fold the edges at the bottom of the ears over each other and stitch down.

With right sides facing, pin the curved edges of the back of the bunny’s head together, and stitch. With right sides facing, pin the gusset from the tip of the nose to the top of the face on both sides, and sew. Then, pin and sew the face pieces together from the tip of the nose down to the bottom of the neck.

Place the front of the ears against the face so that the stitches securing the fold over at the base of the ears are above the top of the head. Place the back of the head, right side down, over the face and ears, aligning the edges. Pin and sew. Turn the bunny head right side out, stuff, but leave a space the size of your thumb for the pole to fit snugly into the head. Fold under the neck edge by 1cm, make long stitches close to the folded edge, pull together and stitch closed. Push the neck fabric up inside the bunny head.

Using the images as a guide, embroider a triangular shaped nose in the base of the gusset, a smile and star spoked eyes. Using a cotton bud, pick up a very small amount of powdered blush, and gently rub it in a circular motion onto the bunny’s cheeks.