Fabric Car Playmat – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton, 42cm x 89cm of each: car print; plain, green; plain, blackFelt, various coloursHook and loop tape WaddingThread, cotton, machineFusible webbingTape, cotton/apron

Dimensions List

40cm x 87cm

Stitch a playmat

Using the templates located at www.sewmag.co.uk, cut out the two large cotton mat pieces, one in green for the grass and one in a printed cotton for the back. Trim the road from black cotton and the pond, parking lines, houses, roofs, doors and windows from felt and back all pieces with fusible webbing. Arrange these on top of the green fabric using the picture as a guide and fix in place with a warm iron. In between the parking lines, attach one side of hook and loop tape.

Take the printed cotton for the backing and place it right sides together with the front piece, placing wadding cut to the same size on top. Tack all three layers together and stitch around the edges allowing a 1cm seam allowance. Leave a 20cm gap at one end. Remove the tacking stitches and turn through. Press with a warm iron and hand stitch the gap closed. Attach ties to the printed cotton side, pin in place and stitch through all three layers.

Make toy cars

To make a car, use the template to cut the pieces from felt. Back the windows and wheels with fusible webbing and adhere to the two side pieces. Do the same for the roof, adding the headlights and brake lights. Attach the remaining piece of the hook and loop tape to the bottom car piece.

Stitch the car bottom and roof together along the front short edge. Placing the fabrics right sides together, sew the car sides and bottom/roof together, making sure the head lights and brake lights are at the correct side. Stuff the car with wadding and hand sew the rear opening closed. Repeat to make four cars in various colours of felt.