Fabric covered notebook – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, Spoonflower Scrummy range: Just Small Puffins; white polka dots on yellowSketchbook, preferably hardcoverHemming tape, fusible

Dimensions List

Custom sized

Measure your sketchbook from the open edge, round the spine to the back edge and add 3cm. Next, measure from the top to the bottom and add another 3cm. This is the size needed in each fabric. Cut the inner polka dot fabric piece in half (where the spine of the book will sit) and hem 2cm on these raw edges using fusible hemming tape.

Lay the outer puffin fabric wrong side up and place the spine of the book in the centre. Lay the book flat and draw around one side. Tip the book over on the spine and draw around the other side. Remove the pad and turn the fabric over. Pin the two inner pieces onto the outer fabric, right sides together and raw edges matching so there is a gap between the two inner fabrics.

Turn the layers over and sew around all edges, following the drawn line as a guide. Trim the seam allowance to 5mm and clip the corners. Turn out the book sleeve and press. Turn in and hem the raw edges of outer fabric where the spine will sit. Open the sketchbook fully so the covers are touching and slide completely into the pockets of the inner material at the same time.