Fabric Flower Wedding Bouquet – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, silk, dupion: white; yellowOrganza, cream Net, yellow HessianPolystyrene ball, 12cmStick, wooden, 1cm x 30cmN Interfacing, fusible, medium weightPearls, 12mm: ivory; yellowButton, self-cover, 23mm Lace trim, daisyRibbon, grosgrain: yellow; white; ivoryWire, copper, 0.6mmGlue gunCutters, wire

Dimensions List

16cm x 23cm

Make a bouquet

Cut a 12cm polystyrene ball in half with a bread knife, then trim a square of hessian to cover the half dome. Start to stretch it over the shape pinning it in place as you go. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the hessian on the underside of the dome. Make a hole in the centre on the underside of the dome then glue a stick inside and trim to the required length. Glue flower lace around the bottom of the dome.

Cut out two discs from yellow net, slightly bigger than the bottom of the dome, repeat with organza and hessian. Make a hole in the centre of each and thread them onto the stick in the following order: yellow net, organza, net, hessian. Glue them in place. Cut lengths of grosgrain ribbon and wrap around the stick, adhering in place. Tie different coloured lengths of ribbon around the top of the stick with long ends to hang down.

Iron fusible interfacing onto the back of white and yellow silk dupion. Trace the template and use it to cut out 35 white and 35 yellow petals. Place one white and one yellow petal right sides facing and sew together, 4mm from the raw edge, leaving a gap at the bottom.

Turn right sides out then press. Make five petals for each flower. Once completed, lay them in a row and hand sew them together with a running stitch (Fig.1). Pull the thread tight to gather the petals together then tie a knot. Repeat to make six more flowers.

Cover three self-cover buttons in white dupion and another three in yellow. Sew each button to the centre of a flower, white on the yellow blooms and yellow on the white ones. Once all flowers have been made, glue them onto the dome in an alternate pattern.

Cut 10, 10cm lengths of yellow net and wrap wire around the middle of them (Fig.2). Wrap one end of the wire around the other to create a tail, then trim to 2cm, cutting at a slant. Push them into the polystyrene in between the flowers.

Thread single pearls onto wire and finish in the same way (Fig.3) Add these in between the fowers to fill any gaps. Next, cut 10cm lengths of ribbon, trimming the ends at an angle. Wrap wire around the middle of two pieces and add to the dome in between the spaces (Fig.4).