Fabric Stacking Storage Boxes – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton: floral; dottyBinding, bias, cottonBuckram, whiteFusible webbing

Cutting Guide

For each box: Floral fabric: storage box, cut oneBuckram: box sides, cut one; box lid inner, cut oneDotty fabric: box lid outer, cut one

Dimensions List

Small box: 9cm squareMedium box: 12cm squareLarge box: 15cm square

Create stacking boxes

Download the templates. Use the pattern to cut the fabric pieces as described in the cutting guide. Snip all notches as indicated on the pattern.

Stitch up the four corners of the storage box, with a 1cm seam allowance and press. Take the box sides buckram piece and fold along the lines indicated on the pattern, pressing to acheive a crisp edge. Sew the two ends together, allowing a 1cm seam and press open.

Place the buckram inside the box. Temporarily secure the buckram and cotton together by tacking or pinning. Take a length of binding and pin it all the way around the top edge, trapping both fabrics inside. Overlap the ends, then machine stitch in place.

Take the box inner lid buckram piece and fold along the lines indicated, pressing to get a clean mark. Pin or tack the lid inner and outer fabric together, wrong sides facing. Pin strips of binding along the four longest edges as indicated on the pattern, then machine stitch in place.

Sew up the four corners of the lid, allowing a 1cm seam. Turn the lid the right way around. The seam allowances can be trimmed or preferably folded down and hand sewn in place for a neat finish. Repeat to make all three boxes.