Fake GHD Straighteners and How to Avoid Buying Them

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Nearly 60% of the British public are quite comfortable with owning and ordering counterfeit products, clothes, bags, sunglasses and watches being the most typical. And phony online traders have begun trading in bogus brand name electrical goods like GHD stylers.

There are some more serious consequences of purchasing buying reproduction electrical straighteners than there is to say buying a phony pair of designer shoes. With most bogus items you might end up out of pocket, with fake GHD straighteners you can end up severely injured or worse.

Authentic GHD stylers as sold by online retailers like GHD-uk and GHDhair are manufactured by GHD to the highest possible standards, with quality control and checked to conform to British and European standards. And for an item that heats up to several hundred degrees Celsius in a matter of seconds, you can imagine how important it is they are made to the highest levels of quality.

phony GHD straighteners are, on the other hand made from shoddily put together parts. In non regulated workshops and are not subject to ANY safety checking. Each time you turn them on and put them to your head, you are potentially risking sever injury that could leave you scarred for life.

And that’s if you even get the GHD straighteners you buy. The forged GHD hair straighteners are created and distributed by organised criminal gangs, mostly based in the Far East. They often take your money and you have little or no recourse to get your cash back if the goods you select dont arrive. And what are worse these crooked criminals are often quite happy to gather all your personal details and send you your GHDs. Then using your details to steal your identity and sell it on to other cheating organisations around the world, help fund other cheating activities and potentially leaving your bank account.

If you are unfortunate enough to buy these forged GHD hair stylers, you will be left with GHD hair straighteners with no warranty, GHD will not give you the time of day.

How to spot the sale of reproduction GHD hair straighteners and their websites:

– If it sounds too good to be true it is.

– If they are selling special GHD hair stylers from several years ago, gold bag, dark and pure, kiss pink etc are all out of stock. So if they are selling them at bargain prices, chances are that they are bogus.

– If they are advertised as two thirds off or other crazy claim they’ll be reproduction.

– If they are under £80, forget it, no one sells them that cheap.

– If they are selling them on eBay be careful, check trader’s rep and again unless they are second hand no one will sell them less than retail unless they are phony.

– Look for the hair products. All honest online retailers sell a complete range of GHD shampoo, conditioners, hairspray and other products and not just GHD hair straighteners.

– No Landline customer service or phone number. This is a common sign of phony sites.

– Only accept PayPal. This is the big problem sign. Almost no honest retailer ONLY uses PayPal for payment. They will use payment platforms like WorldPay or similar professional service. PayPal is sometimes offered as a secondary payment platform but never the only one.

Look for the GHD Approved box on authorised websites. Check the date and time on the GHD approved online retailer box and click it to check the legitimate retailer seal is genuine.

And if in doubt buy straighteners directly from GHD hair.

With any luck, if you follow the points in this page you will avoid getting stuck with subpar forged GHD stylers.

write by Alethea

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