Family Tents Are NOT What They Used to Be!

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Think of the images that pop into your head when someone says the word tent. Rough and tough primitive camping often comes to mind. Today tents are more comfortable with ventilation and spaciousness.

Tents come in a wide range of styles and sizes that will give you the accommodations to allow you to really enjoy your outdoor vacation in comfort and ease.

It may seem obvious, but choose the right tent for the occasion–backpacker tents for long hiking trips where you need to get your tent compact, and larger tents for family-style camping trips.

A great option in family tents are the cabin tents which are large enough for adults to stand up inside. They have many nice features including partitions that divide the space for privacy, extra storage space or extra living area in inclement weather.

These tents are a great cost-effective alternative to campers or trailers. They are certainly easier to maintain and transport. With the new features, often they are as comfortable and certainly provide you more flexibility for the optimal campsite.

Another consideration for family outings are the screen houses. There are many sizes and varieties but essentially they provide covered living spaces. For those who like to play board games or want a “bug-free” zone, these wonderfully inexpensive spaces are perfect!

Since outdoor living typically means high activities, these screen houses or canopies setup easy and are great places to store bicycles, outdoor gear that you want to protect from the elements, like shoes, jackets or anything you want to protect from the dew of the night. Using these as a family dining space is another great use of this space.

Family tents are only one alternative. Dome tents are another great space to consider. These can be used in addition to family tents, too. For adults wanting more privacy, teens needing more privacy or for the weekend camper that wants simple and easy setup. Dome tents also come in a range of sizes and heights, so you can choose according to what you need.

The amenities do not stop with tents. Don’t forget air mattresses, portable chairs and tables, and portable lights to make your outdoor experience hassle free and fun.

Conjuring images of comfortable sleeping accommodations, and hassle-free outdoor living has never been easier or more relaxing. With careful planning, you and your family will want to enjoy this experience again and again!

write by Daria

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