Famous Diamonds Of The World

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Diamonds are the most precious thing in this world. The cost of the diamond is very expensive. The “sparkle” of the diamonds makes it more admirable and wanted by all. They can be extracted from the earth. Carbon has to be exposed under high pressure and temperature for a stipulated time to form diamonds. They are usually formed under 90 miles below from the earth with 5 Giga-pascal pressure and temperature up to 1200 degrees.

Diamonds have named according to the type of carbon found in diamonds. Recently extracted diamonds from the earth, has predicted that it have to be taken approximately 1 to 3.3 billion years to form. This article provides information about the world famous 12 diamonds and they are listed as:

o Mountain of Light

“Kohinoor” is a one of the world famous diamonds which is known by the title of “mountain of lights”. The actual weight of this stone was 186 carats. It has oval shape. There is a belief that it has been fixed in the eye of the peacock throne of Saharan. Now it has kept among the British Crown Jewels with the weight as 108.93 carats.

o The Cullian

It is one of the largest diamonds. It is found with the weight of 3106 carats. It was very rough and it had a weight as one and half pound originally. It had cut into 96 small stones and 9 big stones.

o The Star of Africa

It is a large piece of stone from the Cullian diamond which weighs 530.20 carats. It has 74 facets and it has been the largest stone in the world.

o The Excelsior

It has a second largest stone in this diamond. It was rough with the weight as 995.2 carats.

o The Great Mogul

This diamond was found in the 17 th century which weighed 793 carats.

o The Orloff

It may have weighed 300 carats at the time of its discovery. It is kept in the Diamond Treasury of the former Soviet Union in Moscow.

o The Idol’s Eye

The size of this diamond is like a bantam’s egg. It weighs 70.20 carats. Before this diamond was stolen, it was kept once in the eye of an idol.

o The Regent

It is a unique historic diamond and it was found in 1701. An Indian slave discovered it near Golconda. It weighed 410 carats and it was rough. This diamond was owned once by William Pitt, the English Prime Minister. Later on it was renamed “The Regent”.

o The Blue Hope

This was owned by Louis-XIV. This diamond is designed as “the blue diamond of the crown” officially. It is kept in Washington.

o The Sancy
This diamond weighted 55 carats with a pear shape. The first owner of this diamond was Charles, Duke of Burgundy.

o Taylor-Burton

It was also a pear shaped diamond weighs 69.42 carat. It was first sold in an auction during the year 1969. Later on it was sold for around 3 million dollars.

o Hortensia

This diamond was a part of a French Crown Jewels until Louis-XIV bought it. It is a peach coloured stone with 20 carats.

write by Nickolas George

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