Felt characters – Free sewing patterns



Felt, selection Toy fillingErasable marker penFusible webbing Pom pom trim, 30cm Small buttons, four Ribbon, 40cm Small curtain ring

Dimensions List


Stitch a character

Download the templates. Trace the bride body onto felt with an air erasable pen. Fuse webbing to scraps of felt and use to add the hair and eyes. Pin the front to more felt and stitch together following the line. Trim the seam allowance back to 3mm. Carefully make a central 5cm slit through the back layer only.

Cut a dress from coloured felt andstitch pom pom trim around the armholes and neck edge. Hand stitch to the body, leaving the hem loose. Stuff the body through the back opening, then slip stitch the gap.

To make the groom, cut out the head and body from different coloured felt and stitch together. Fuse webbing to more felt and use to add the hair, glasses and eyes. Cut out a shirt, and attach to the front by sewing through three buttons. Pin and stitch the front shape to more felt. Cut out and stuff as before. Stitch a collar in place, adding another button and tie on a ribbon scarf. Sew a curtain ring to one hand.