Felt Flower Motif Cushion – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: wool, white, 1m; wool felt, ecru, 41cm square Cushion pad, 41cm square Fabric dye, Dylon, OceanFusible webbing, 41cm squareThread, embroidery: red; orange; turquoise; lavenderRic rac, purple, 5mmButtons, small: blue, two; lavender, two; turquoise, five; flower, three

Dimensions List

41cm square

Stitch a cushion

Cut white wool into three smaller pieces measuring 30cm x 45cm, 35cm x 45cm, and 45cm square. Colour each piece with blue fabric dye, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the desired colour is achieved, rinse until the water runs clear and spin on a short cycle. Leave to dry fully, then press all pieces.

Download and print the templates for this project. Cut the shape out so you are left with the flower motif. Cut a 41cm square of ecru wool felt and iron fusible webbing onto the back. Glue the back of the paper flower motif to the fusible webbing, then use a sharp pair of scissors or scalpel to carefully cut out the motif.

From the largest piece of dyed fabric, cut a 41cm square. Peel the backing paper from the motif and place it centrally on it. Lay cotton over the fabric, taking care not to move the motif, and press until the felt is securely in place. Using matching thread, machine stitch around the design, staying close to the edge.

Embroider the tulip-shaped flowers with blanket stitch, chain stitch, and running stitch in lavender and turquoise embroidery thread, then work whipped back stitch along the flower stem, following the shape of the flower as you do so. Add buttons and star stitches to the flower stems. Work whipped back stitch along the central flower in red and orange thread and embellish with buttons. Add French knots to decorate.

From the smaller dyed fabrics, cut a lower back measuring 30cm x 41cm and an upper back piece of 24cm x 41cm. Sew zig zag stitches across the long edge of the lower back section. Fold over a 1.5cm hem at the zig zag edge, then pin and machine stitch into place. Repeat for the upper back section and machine stitch the hem. Sew purple ric rac to the lower back piece, 6cm from the bottom.

Measure the position for the buttonholes, 3.5cm up from the hemmed edge. Mark the centre of the cushion cover, then measure 10.5cm either side. Stitch buttonholes at these three points, then carefully open them using a seam ripper.

Lay the two back fabric pieces on top of the front. Mark the positions for the buttons and stitch on. With right sides facing and raw edges aligned, pin the three pieces together and machine stitch around the cover using a 1.3cm seam allowance. Snip the corners, turn out, press under cotton fabric, then insert a cushion pad.