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When your foot hits the ground, the shoe you are wearing makes a difference not just on your feet but also on your knee, hip, ankle and your back. Walking around all day in shoes that do not fit you is going to cause you pain and soreness and possibly more severe joint problems if you wear them long enough. . Young or old, no one does well in pain.

On the other hand, shoes that fit well can lessen the stress you place on your joints throughout the day especially. This is especially true if you have arthritis or a back problem or bunions or gout.

To purchase the right shoes you need to know how you are built. Do you have flat feet or high arches, for example? That determines how much and what kind of arch support you need. In fact, if you are on either end of the extreme you should look for good support which means no flip flops or sandals.

We all know we should get the right size shoe. You may think you take an 8 or 9 but every manufacturer is different so it is best to have your feet measured and to try on the shoes before you purchase them. For instance, you may want shoes that have some cushioning in the heel area to absorb some of the shock that comes from walking.

Look for a toe box that is wide enough to have room for your toes. If you are used to walking barefoot, your feet probably spread and your shoe size has probably changed.

If you need support, purchase shoes with laces. You usually can get better support with this style.

Toss the shoes that give you blisters and if any shoes cause fatigue. If the shoes do not feel like they are supporting you, toss them.

One of the best tips I heard some time ago was to buy new shoes at the end of the day. That is when your feet are slightly swollen from being on them all day and you will avoid buying a pair that is too small.

Wear the kind of hose that you will wear with the shoe you are buying. If you are buying dress shoes wear thin socks or take your heavier socks with you when you buy running shoes.

Leave about one half inch of room to wiggle in the toe of the shoe. Do not count on the shoe stretching and you breaking them in. If they do not fit on the first try, do not buy them. Too small a toe area such as you find in pointy shoes will cramp the toe area and can cause hammertoes. Hammertoes is when your toes are clawed together and cannot straighten and are painful and only corrected by surgery.

Shoes do make a difference…for better or worse so pay attention.

write by Erica

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