Finding Long Tail Keywords For High Search Engine Ranking

Finding Long Tail Keywords For High Search Engine Ranking

Finding Long Tail Keywords For High Search Engine Rankingblack t shirt

The search for long tail keywords is an essential component of an online training course for beginners because money is rather made with niche than with mass products. Well researched keywords determine your success and profit, and are responsible for high search engine ranking. The question here is how to find long tail keywords for niches that will make money long term. Make sure that your chosen online training course for beginners teaches you this very important aspect.

Long tail versus short tail keywords

Since Google became so popular in 2003, keywords became part of Google’s success as they made the use of the internet so easy. Short tail keywords are very unspecific, and general. People who search for short tail keywords in Google are actually not in the buying mood. The art is to find keywords that will make you money in a niche, called long tail keywords because people search for them specifically, they look for a solution to a specific problem. This task that seems so simple involves a lot of work, and asks for some attention and diligence because this is part of the basics that you need to master in an online training course for beginners.

The importance of keywords that have a long tail

Long tail keywords are golden. They are specific phrases, and the more specific you are in their search the better. When thinking about keywords, put yourself into potential buyer’s shoes, and think about keywords they would search for when searching for ‘aquarium’. For the term ‘aquarium’ you will find over 10 Million sites dealing with this topic, and half a million searches. If you would chose ‘aquarium’ as your designated keyword, then your website, blog, or article would be completely lost in the big shark pool. You would be competing against too many other sites.

Benefits keywords with a long tail

  • higher conversions
  • easier ranking
  • more visitors
  • more sales, more cash

Keywords and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

In order to achieve high search engine ranking, keywords have to be chosen according to certain criteria. Google works in your best interest when you group words together that have the same semantic root (LSI), this means that you have to pull ‘theme words’ together. Under ‘aquarium’ you will find ‘salt water aquarium’ and under this, ‘salt water aquarium coral’, ‘salt water aquarium cleaning’, ‘salt water aquarium tanks’, ‘salt water aquarium designs’, and so on. These long tail keywords you need to include in your site as Google will love you for that, and pay you with high search engine ranking.

Keywords Effectiveness Index (KEI)

When choosing the main keyword for your site, you need to compare and analyze the ratio of competition to search volume. The more competitors, and the less people searching for the keywords, the harder it gets for your site to be found. A favorable KEI would be a lower number of competitors (>10000), and a reasonable search volume .

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