Finding the Best Boots for Big Calves

Finding the Best Boots for Big Calves

Finding the Best Boots for Big Calvesblack t shirt

Finding yourself a fantastic pair of boots when you have large calves does not have to be a chore. It has never been easier to shop for boots. Whether you want to put in the foot work at the mall or prefer to do your searching on the web, you can find the best boots for big calves using these helpful tips.

Shop Around: If you’re shopping from home, the most obvious thing to do would be to go to a site specializing in veteran hoodies like and type “wide calf” into the search box. This will pull up boots made specifically with larger calves in mind. Scouring the mall can be a little bit trickier. Be sure to look for special features like stretchy leather or fabric with some extra give, elastic inserts or gussets, and adjustable laces or buckles. Additionally, try to find boots with angled cuffs to add complimentary curves to your legs.

Don’t Bother With: Pull-on boots without enough give. If they are hard to get on and off, you probably won’t look forward to wearing them. Boots with too many thick pieces attached to them will make large legs look even thicker. Also, depending on how long or short your calves are, be sure to avoid boots that stop at the largest part of the calf.

The Best in Mid-Calf Boots: For an easy fit and everyday style try the Fitzwell Mentor with wide calf. Fitzwell consistently turns out comfortable, fashionable boots for big calves. These genuine leather rider boots are no exception. They come equipped with elastic gore inserts in the shaft for the perfect fit. For a sleek day to evening mid-calf boot that won’t break the bank, try the RSVP Sheymar in wide calf. You’ll look sleek while remaining comfortable. The synthetic leather was designed to accommodate ample calves with ease.

The Best in Knee-High Boots: While the Clarks Diamond Glow was not specifically made for large calves, they were designed with stretch pull-up shafts with plenty of additional give. These full-grain leather upper boots are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. While some wide-calf boots can really look like they were made for big calves, the Naturalizer Keepsake keeps it subtle. They look as good as they feel with ultra-soft suede uppers and elastic stretch panels.

The Best in Over-the-Knee Boots: If over-the-knee boots are your thing, then you will love the Two Lips Kinky. These ultra-luxe suede boots are both sexy and functional with corset-like laces and wide buckles at the ankle.

When you know what you’re looking for, finding the right pair of boots can be a lot easier. Avoid additional frustration when boot shopping by sticking to the tips mentioned above. Make your next shopping trip even better by wearing the detroit tigers sweatshirt that you would wear with your boots. Knowing what your boots will look like with your favorite pair of jeans or tights will positively influence your decision. Hopefully, these tips and suggestions will help you to find the best boots for big calves in no time at all.

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