First Date Chaos? Top 3 First Date Tips and Outfits

First Date Chaos? Top 3 First Date Tips and Outfits

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One of many things I learned from working at Cosmo is that boys #1 first date outfit is Jeans and a t-shirt. Yes ladies, don’t be surprised; it’s obvious that most men don’t want to feel intimidated or threatened by a girl. If you show up all dolled up and looking like it took you hours to get ready, it will raise a red flag “High Maintenance alert”. Most guys don’t like when girls look like it takes them an overwhelming amount of time to get ready. Try to be laid back and look down to earth. That’s never known to have a negative first impression!

#1 Scenario – Casual Dinner and Movie Date:

These dates are the all time icebreakers. You get to spend a good 5 hrs together one on one. Learn each others mannerisms and learn things about each other. My advice is watch the movie first. This will give you time over dinner to pick his brain on the movie and see how he thinks and what he values etc.

Outfit -Team up your sexiest jeans with any white top.

Jeans: The trick to looking good and projecting confidence and ease has a lot to do with your outfit, so don’t wear jeans that make you fidget, or do that funny butt wiggle every so often to hike them up. Don’t get me wrong some guys may think that’s cute but on the first date I would skip these moves.. Go for jeans that fit you well and you feel good in.

Top: Go white, weather it’s a cute printed tee or ruffled blouse. Guys Love white. They are programmed to think it’s sexy. You will have a nice glow over the dim dinner light and in the dark movie theater. Wear any style that will highlight your assets weather its your shoulders, arms, narrow waist etc.

Shoes: Most guys will not even notice what shoes you wear, so it should depend on you and what you feel more comfortable in. Keep height in mind. He will notice if you are 3 inches taller or 6 inches shorter so try to find a happy medium with heel height if any.

#2 Scenario – Dance Club/ Party with Friends:

So these types of dates are not really dates but you are supposed to be going and leaving together, if all goes well we hope.

It’s party time, just let loose and have a good time. You will get to see each others fun wild side and feel out your chemistry on the dance floor.

My tip: See how attentive and into you he is, have him run loose in the club if he comes back to you and you find him by your side. He might be worth a second date.

Outfit: Go for a playful flowy dress that bounces as you dance with your sexiest heels. You will look fun and at ease, which will make him more into you. Try to add some fun and interesting accessories that bring out your personality. Don’t go for super tight body hugging dresses. First off, it’s guaranteed that 80% of all the other girls will be rocking this look. You want your style to stand out. Lastly, it’s nice to leave some to the imagination the less he knows, the more he will want to know. Keep him running trust me it works for the good ones!

#3 Scenario – Afternoon Coffee Talk:

Get ready for conversation time. These dates can be the best or worst. If you are not into him you might find yourself thinking up an excuse to jet out of there, or you may be convinced that you just met the man of your dreams.

Your body language will say it all. If you are into him, try to lean over at him while he is telling you a story or if you are sitting besides him cross your legs towards him. These are little “I’m digging you” signs that he will notice. Remember to stay just a little mysterious. Guys like a chase – they actually need it to feel the need to pursue you in the beginning. So, let the games begin. But remember to play nice no one likes a “hmmm “you know.

Now is your time to charm and flirt your way in. Be attentive when he talks and laugh at his jokes.

Outfit should be comfortable but a little sexy wont hurt. However, it must reflect you and your personal style. If you are a dress girl go for a printed frock with a comfy cardigan or if you live in jeans throw them on with a pretty silk top that highlights your face.

Just be you, it’s that easy.

write by Kieran

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