Fleece handwarmer – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton print, 30cm x 40cm OR 80 5cm squares; plus scraps of coordinating printsFleece: 45cm squareFusible interfacing: lightweight, scrapsQuilt wadding: 30cm x 40cmEmbroidery thread: coordinating coloursRhinestones, sew-on, 3mmCord: satin, 1cm wide, 1mSizzix Big ShotSizzix Dies: Joy (656727), Ornate frame #3 (656561), Angel wings (656563)

Dimensions List

35cm x 37cm (excluding cord)

Fleece handwarmer

Create a 30cm x 40cm panel of patchwork or cut a rectangle of patterned fabric to the same size. Find the centre of the material, mark it, and then set aside. Back scraps of coordinating prints with lightweight interfacing and use a Sizzix Big Shot to cut a frame, frame centre, pair of wings and a sentiment, cutting each piece from a different print.

Pin the motifs into position at the centre of the main fabric rectangle and use two strands of embroidery thread to attach them with back stitch, blanket stitch and whipped running stitch. Press the panel face down.

Lay the fleece fabric over the appliquéd panel, right sides together. Line up one long edge centrally and sew down this seam with a straight machine stitch. Shift the excess fleece to the middle so that the opposite long edge can be stitched in the same way and turn out, positioning the appliquéd panel in the centre to create a fleece band on either side.

Carefully slide a 30cm by 40cm piece of quilt wadding between the two fabrics and pin to the remaining raw edges of the appliquéd panel. Machine stitch these edges right sides together, holding the fleece away from the seam.

Turn the work out and flatten so the motifs sit at the front centre. While in this position cut a tiny hole in the fleece band on each side at the top with a pair of small scissors. Thread the ends of the cord through these holes and knot together inside the fleece, using the open seam for access and checking the length of the strap before tightening the knot.

Turn the muff fleece side out, fold over the raw edges and ladder stitch together. Turn the muff back out to sew tiny rhinestones randomly over the background of the sentiment.