Floor pouffe – Free sewing patterns


Patterned fabrics, eight printsWhite cotton, 2mPolystyrene beansZips, 30cm, 60cm

Dimensions List

26cm x 65cm

stitch a pouffe

1 Download and print the pattern pieces. To make the inner bean bag, cut eight 26cm x 32cm rectangles of white cotton. Stitch a 30cm zip between two rectangles on the long edges. Sew the remaining sections to each other in a line, then join together in a ring.

2 Cut eight triangles from white cotton and sew together in pairs on one long edge. Sew four pairs together to create semi-circles, before stitching together to make a complete top. Pin and stitch the top and ring, right sides together, matching up the seams.

3 Make the base in the same way as the top. Open the zip slightly before stitching the base to the ring. Turn right side out. Use a funnel and jug to fill with polystyrene beans, then zip up.

4 Make the outer cover from eight different fabrics. Cut three third-sized triangles from each print. Mix the colours up and sew three pieces together to make one full-sized triangle. Join right sides facing as before. Stitch together in pairs, again into semi-circles and then finally, a complete octagonal top as for the lining.

5 Cut three rectangle sections from each of the fabrics. Mix up and sew together to make eight multi-coloured sections. Stitch into a ring, and sew the top to this, as for the beanbag inner.

6 Make the base of the cover in the same way as the top, from eight multi-coloured triangles, but only sewing the pieces into semi-circles. Press under 1cm on the long straight edges. Hand sew the opening end of a 60cm zip tape together. Pin and top stitch the folded edges of the base to either side of the zip.

7 Open the zip slightly. Pin and stitch the base to the ring, as for the top, and turn out. Fit the beanbag inside, gently manipulating the filling, and adjust so the side seams of the inner and cover match up for a better shape. Close the zip.