Floral Bolero Jacket – Free sewing patterns


**Bolero**Fabric: 1mFabric: scraps**Corsage**Hot fix crystalsRhinestone applicatorBrooch back: ovalSelf-cover buttonFeathers: smallGlue: all purpose**Bracelet**Fabric: scrapsHot fix crystalsRhinestone applicatorRibbon ends: with jump rings and lobster hookFlat-nosed pliers

Dimensions List

Sizes 8-10, 12-14

Make a bolero

Download the bolero pattern pieces, and print them off. Place them onto the fabric and follow the cutting guide to trim the fabric pieces.

Stitch the shoulder seams together. Match the back and front bodice shoulder seams together (with right sides facing) and stitch, leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance. Repeat the process to join the lining pieces. Press the seams open.

Attach the side panels to the front and back bodice. Match together the notches of the side panels to the front and back bodice pieces, then pin and stitch with right sides together. Repeat with the lining pieces, and press the seams open.

Sew the bodice and the lining together. With the right sides of the fabric facing, match the bodice and the bodice lining pieces together, matching all the seams. Pin and then stitch all the way around the neck, the curved front edges and across the back. Trim and clip the curved edges of the seam allowance to ease the shape. Turn the bodice to the right side through one of the armholes; tease out all the seams and then press.

Stitch the sleeves into the armholes. Match, pin and stitch the sleeve seams together with right sides facing and neaten the seam allowance by either zig zagging or overlocking. Sew a machine gathering stitch around the head of the sleeves, just inside the 1.5cm seam allowance.

Pull the gathering threads up slightly to enable the sleeve head to fit into the armhole. Pin and stitch the sleeves into place. Neaten the seam allowance by either zig zagging or overlocking, then neaten the base of the sleeves by turning and pressing a 3cm hem. Hand stitch the hems into place.

Create a corsage

Cut a 10cm x 58cm strip from a scrap of cotton fabric. Fold and press the strip in half lengthways with right sides facing out. Round-off the short ends of the strip using scissors.

Set your sewing machine to work with a large gathering stitch and run a double row of stitching along one long edge. Pull up the threads to gather the fabric, letting it wind around into a flower shape. Hand stitch to secure the bloom.

Wrap a self cover button in a scrap of matching fabric following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a rhinestone applicator to adhere hot fix crystals to decorate the surface. Stitch it to the centre of the flower.

Embellish the rosette with further hot fix crystals, if desired. Complete the corsage by stitching a brooch back to the reverse of the flower.

Finish with a bracelet

Measure the width of your ribbon end caps, and the circumference of your wrist. Cut a length of fabric, the width being double the end cap measurement plus 1cm; the length being your wrist measurement. Fold the strip in half lengthways with right sides facing and press.

Stitch the long edges together with a 5mm seam allowance, turn the tube to the right side and press. Attach the ribbon end caps by placing the raw ends of the strip inside and squeezing the caps closed with a pair of flat-nosed pliers. Use a rhinestone applicator to adhere hot fix crystals to the surface of the fabric bracelet.