Floral Brooch and Card for Mum – Free sewing patterns


Felt: bright green; yellowFabric, spotted: yellow, purple, green; primrose print; patterned, purpleThread, sewing: pale yellow; dark purple; dark green; bright green; whiteButtons, assortedRibbons: velvet, purple, 15cm; striped, green, 50cmTrim, laceDoily, paper, white, 9cmCard blank, 10cm x 15cmCard, whiteDie-cutting systemDie, circle, scallop-edged, 11cmGlue stick, acid-freePen, finelinerBrooch back, 3cmFoam pads, 3-DShears, pinking

Dimensions List

Brooch: 13cm x 12cm at widest pointCard: 10cm x 15cm

Stitch a corsage

Download and print the templates. Cut the daffodil petals from yellow spotted fabric, then turn the templates over and cut them again to form the backs. Place each petal piece right sides together and stitch around, leaving a small gap for turning, just in from the edge from point A to B. Clip the seams, turn right side out, press with a warm iron, then stitch closed just inside the edge.

Arrange the petals as pictured and sew a few stitches where each edge overlaps to secure. Cut yellow felt 1cm x 10cm on a slight curve and trim one long edge with a pair of pinking shears. Gently curl round to make a circle, leaving enough diameter for a button in the middle. Stitch the straight cut edge to the middle of the daffodil, then roll the pinking sheared edge over as shown and secure with looser stitches so as not to flatten. Sew a yellow button to the centre and set aside.

Use the templates to cut out all the pieces for the pansy front, then turn the templates over and cut the pieces for the back. Take each petal and glue wrong sides together, allowing to dry. Machine or hand stitch just inside the edge. Arrange as shown and as before, overlap each petal and secure with a few stitches, sewing a few details to the middle of the flower in dark purple thread.

Use the template to cut out a primrose from printed or plain fabric and adhere a small piece of lace trim to the middle with a glue stick. Allow to dry, then stitch some details to give definition to the petals. Cut one large, and two smaller leaves from bright green felt. Applique a piece of green cotton fabric onto the larger felt leaf and add details in dark green thread as pictured.

Assemble all the flowers and leaves using the image as a guide, securing with small stitches or acid-free glue at points where the petals overlap. To cover the back, cut a piece of green felt slightly smaller than the front and adhere in place. Sew on buttons and loops of green striped ribbon to decorate the front, then stitch a brooch back onto the reverse.

Make a card

Using a 10cm x 15cm card blank in landscape position, cover the top 8cm with green spotty fabric using a glue stick. Hide the bottom edge of the fabric with a length of purple velvet ribbon and draw faux stitches underneath with fine tip pen. Set aside.

Die-cut an 11cm scallop-edged circle from white card and stick a paper doily to the middle. Cut and stitch a pansy, two primroses and three felt leaves as for the corsage and arrange as shown, gluing them on top of the doily. Draw faux stitches and dots around the doily to emphasise the scalloped edge. Mount onto the card using 3-D foam pads, then add buttons and a personal message.