Flower Heart Cushion – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, light purple, 54.5cm square, two; beige, fat quarter; muslin, 54.5cm square, two; prints and plains, 12cm x 42cm strips, 30Fusible webbing, 50cm squareFilling, fibre

Dimensions List

53.5cm square

Create a heart cushion

Attach the two plain fabric squares right sides facing with a 0.5cm seam allowance. Sew all around the square pivoting at the corners. Leave a 10cm opening towards the centre of one of the sides in order to insert the lining pillow and the fibre filling. Clip the excess fabric at the corners to avoid bulk. Turn and press. Repeat this process with the muslin squares.

Locate the heart template at www.sewmag.co.uk and print. Draw the motif onto beige fabric and fusible webbing and cut out both. Peel off one side of the fusible webbing and attach it to the wrong side of the heart. Once they are stuck together, peel off the other side and iron it to one side of the pillow base.

Take one of the 42cm x 12cm strips. Fold it in half lengthwise, right sides together, and sew two sides closed. Leave one of the short edges open, then turn out. Fold the unfinished side inward 0.5cm and sew it closed with a top stitch. Hold this edge, and start shaping the strip by spinning it clockwise in an upward spiral motion in order to create the layers of the rose. Hand stitch where needed to hold the shape. Repeat the process with all of the strips.

Once all of the roses are completed, arrange them on top of the heart until you are happy with the design, then sew them to the base cushion with hand stitches. Insert the muslin cushion into the outer design, making sure they are aligned and that the openings you left during the first step match up. Fill the cushion with fibre filling until it is full and plush. Close the muslin first with long hand stitches, then sew the cushion with an invisible slip stitch using.