Flower Placement and Napkins Table Set – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, print: yellow; blueCraf-tex Placemat Craft PackBias binding folder, size 18Buckram, curtain

Dimensions List

Placemats: 33cm x 36cmNapkins: Custom sized

Make a place mat

Cut two rectangles of fabric, slightly larger than the pre-cut mats from the kit, one from yellow patterned material and one from blue. Lay one piece face down onto the ironing board, position a placemat on top, making sure the edges are levelled with the pattern on the fabric. Place the remaining rectangle on top with the right side facing out, again squaring the pattern with the edges of the mat. Place a cloth on top then press. Turn the piece over and repeat the process. Trim the excess fabric close to the edges of the mat.

Next make the bias binding. The bias of a piece of fabric is a 45o angle from the selvage of the fabric. The strips need to be 4cm wide and as long as the fabric will allow. You may need to join the bias strips to make enough to attach to the four sides of the mat, do this by laying and stitching the two ends at right angles to each other, making sure that the right sides of the fabric are facing each other. When the bias is opened the strip will continue in one line.

Pass the strip through a bias binding folder, pressing the sides in as you go. Carefully fold and press the binding in half again lengthways. Slot the binding over the cut curved edges of the mat and then machine edge stitch in place. Fold in the raw end, lap it over the starting point and complete the stitching. Repeat to make as many as required.

Make a napkin and ring

Cut a 5cm x 12cm strip of buckram then a 12cm x 14cm strip of fabric. Fold the fabric strip in half lengthways with the right sides facing. Stitch the two edges together with a 1cm seam allowance, creating a tube. Turn the tube to the right side, centre the seam and press flat. Thread the buckram inside the tube and fold in the excess fabric at one end, take the remaining end and place inside the turned one creating a ring; hand stitch in place.

Cut a 9cm x 15cm strip of fabric. Fold it in half lengthways with right sides facing. Stitch the edges together with a 1cm seam allowance, creating a tube. Turn it right sides out, centre the seam then press flat. Fold the two ends in towards and lapping over each other. Gather through this area with hand stitches then make a centre for the bow by wrapping a folded strip of contrasting fabric around the bow and stitching at the back. Sew to the join in the napkin ring.

To make the napkins, cut two squares of fabric to the required size, one in yellow and one in blue. Position them with right sides facing. Pin then stitch together with a 5mm seam allowance, leaving a gap in one of the edges. Trim the corners then turn the napkin right sides out. Tease out the corners, press, then close the gap by hand slip stitching.