Folk wall hangings – Free sewing patterns



Fabric: felt, eight colours; plain calicoEmbroidery hoops, 3cm x 10cmFusible webbingEmbroidery thread: dark purple, mid-pink, white, mid-blue, teal

Dimensions List

3cm x10cm

Stitch a house and flowers

Cut 10cm x 10cm pieces of felt in each colour and back with fusible webbing. Use the templates to cut a house from the grey felt, roof from pink, windows in white, door in light blue, six small circles in various colours, and four leaves from green. Use template to cut severalsmall flowers from various colours of felt.

Take a 15cm x 15cm piece of calico and place in a frame. Peel the backing from the fusible webbing on the shapes and arrange the pieces on the fabric using our image as a guide. Swap the centres of the flowers around so that they are teamed with a contrasting colour.

When you’re happy with the placement, put a scrap piece of fabric or a tea towel over the top of your design and flip the frame over so that it is face down with the scrap material underneath. Carefully undo the frame and remove it.

Use a high setting to iron over the back of the calico and lift a corner of it to check whether the felt has adhered. If not, press until it has and place the fabric back into the frame. Align it so that the screw on the frame is at the top of the picture and, to finish, add stitched details to the felt, working with six strands of embroidery thread and using running stitch.

Create a birdhouse and bird

Using the templates from the pattern pack, cut out the birdhouse shape from the grey felt, the roof from the pink, the bird out in white, four leaves in green, and four of small circles in various colours. Back all with fusible webbing.

Use the template to cut one of each of the two small flowers in the die set from different colours of felt. Cut a 15cm x 15cm piece of calico and place in one of the frames.

Arrange the pieces and iron to the calico as before. Again, finish with stitched details on the felt pieces using contrasting threads for the flowers, working in running stitch.

Add stitched lettering

Use the circle templates from the pattern pack to cut five of the small ones in various colour felts. Cut several of the two small flowers from the die set in different colours of felt using a Sidekick and back all shapes with fusible webbing. Place a 15cm x 15cm piece of calico into an embroidery hoop.

Arrange the felt pieces onto the fabric and, when happy, iron to the calico as before. Sew around the flower centres or create ones, and stitch the words ‘home sweet home’ in the middle of the circle of blooms.