Footwear For Rainy Season

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Wearing suitable footwear is important for every person. Rainy season is a time when footwear takes a beating. Trudging through the water, one always runs the risk of ruining good footwears and further developing foot odor as well. With the rain, all the dirt on the ground turns into mud. Shoes are not suitable footwear during those times. When wet weather arrives, some types of shoes should be kept in the closet until dry days come. Some type of black shoes will develop black stains on the feet or socks when they get wet. Flip-flop wears should also be avoided as they will smudge the clothes from behind. Suede shoes will not with stand moisture and its color will fade if kept under damp conditions.

Leather footwear turns green, if not taken care properly. Wet shoes should be dried properly before they are put in the cabinet. Damp leather is sensitive to heat, which will harden the shoes, and form cracks, when flexed. They should never be dried directly under the sunlight, as they will become as dry as sandpaper. Leather footwears should be wrapped in a nice way and should be put away during rainy seasons. If it is necessary to wear leather footwear during rainy season, feet should not be slipped in and out of the shoes directly, and must be opened only by the laces. Socks are a must; even if they get wet as they act as a barrier between the skin and the leather. Direct skin contact with leather footwear can cause bacterial growth.

Rainy footwears should be selected with straps so that they do not flap and cause long stripes of dirt on the back of the clothes. A sturdy pair of rubber boots or sports sandals would help. Wax polish is always good on shoes, as they repel water, and prevent shoe damage. Wet footwear should not be kept inside the closet, as the moisture in the footwear will soften the glue or rugby in the same. If they are not used for a long time, moisture may even cause cracks in the soles. A small packet of baking soda or charcoal will prevent moisture, odor and bacteria from accumulating in the shoes.

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