Four Seduction Tips To Your Parrot’s Heart

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As Forest Gump might say “a best friend is as a best friend does.”

We’re all busy these days and if your life is anything like mine it can be a tough life to live. So, I don’t know about you but maybe it’s time for a break. Take a little bit of time to hang with your feathered friend(s) and give them some busy time.

You might have many birds, so don’t think you have to do this with every bird the same day. However, you should get into the habit of doing a short version of this regularly. Your feathered buddy will love you for it. I know mine does.

Your parrot may not have the social manners other birds have, but you can get him to be that way. You probably could come over too my son’s place and pick up to snuggle his African Gray Parrot (Nala) without fear of losing a finger or a nose. But no matter what degree of ‘snuggle-ness’ your parrot prefers, you can fine-tune each step to your parrot’s level of comfort.

Offer your parrot some quality one-on-one time.

Like anyone else, when you focus your attention on them they feel important. Your bird will adopt your mood and connect with you and then you can just hang out together. Let your bird help you pick up around the house. Nala likes to help me pickup around the living room while watching MTV. She actually complains if I turn it off.

When we’re done she walks back and forth across my lap while I lay on the easy chair. She’ll perch herself on my knee and bob her head up and down to the beat of rap videos. The point is to just hang out. Stay busy by being un-busy. Just be together.

Offer your parrot a favorite meal.

There’s something that creates a connection between two lives that share food. It’s a calmness that feeds hope. It can end an argument or begin a friendship. The point is it breeds trust and feels right to your bird. So, fix up some fruit or vegetables, or any other favorite dish your bird enjoys. Share it from the same plate, your bird will feel the love and become closer to you for it. Just don’t share germs.

Enjoy an Interactive Game.

Have you ever played fetch or tight-rope with a dog? It can be a lot of fun and good exercise for your pet. Hand toys like barbells, a piece of rope, a Popsicle stick, a towel, even a wadded up piece of paper can be a really fun interactive bird toy.

An imagination can conjure up hundreds of safe and fun things to play with. My son’s African Gray Parrot loves to play tight-rope with a shoe string. When games over and I win (I never let her win), she loves to tear it to pieces. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to be fun!

It’s an African Gray’s life, why not remodel it?

Ever been bored with your living space? Rearrange the furniture maybe? Maybe when it’s real bad you remodel the whole place? Well, your bird gets bored too with his living space. Remodel it a little or a lot. Move the toys around or replace one or four with something knew. You must have had a couch you’ve wanted to get rid of or at least a piece of furniture that you hated but your spouse liked. Sometimes a bird feels the same. So it’s time too give your parrot something new to do when hanging out inside the cage! Every so often, pull their current toys out and put some new ones in. Rotating and recycling toys prevents a monotonous life, and gives your parrot a regular change of scenery.

Ever showered with a platonic girl friend?

I have. It starts out as an odd feeling, something kinda not right (after all we’re just friends); once the feeling wears off it becomes something of a social courtesy to each other, something necessary. More of a “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” type of thing. A kindred relationship forms.

Showering with your parrot is more of the same. It’s strange for them at first as well. Getting past that though brings a new reliance. Depending on your parrot’s preference, let them splash around in the tub. Mist your parrot with a spray bottle from above as if it’s a light rain. Then gradually take them into the shower, make sure they have their own shower perch. Put together a real pamper session. Whatever they fancy, make it fun!

write by williams

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