Funniest Man On Sports TV – Kevin Millar

Funniest Man On Sports TV - Kevin Millar

Funniest Man On Sports TV - Kevin Millarblack t shirt

In the world of Sports TV, everyone tries to be a star. 95 percent of the humor sounds manufactured, like they have some writer creating their character, and some stagehand holding cue cards. As much ESPN as I watch, sometimes its feels like I’m watching bad dinner theater…these anchors are trying to “one-up” each other to become bigger than the story.. I think the best, funniest sportscaster are those who sound and feel real…this leads me the funniest man on Sports TV…

Kevin Millar played 11 years in the Major Leagues, and was a crucial part of the Boston Red Sox championship teams between 2003-2005 (and being one of the most popular players). After his playing days he joined The MLB (Major League Baseball) network, which by the way, is one the greatest channels out there as a studio analysis.

The thing that make Kevin Millar the funniest man, on the TV, is it doesn’t seems like he’s forcing anything. He on an outstanding show on the MLB network called “Intentional Talk” with Chris Rose. The premise is this two guys (Chris Rose and Kevin Millar) talk baseball issues split screen via their homes. Although I personal can’t stand Chris Rose, mainly cause I feel he takes every thing personally, the chemistry exhibited is high quality. They have tremendous flow which makes the show come off effortlessly. They’re always funny, but what makes them so great is they have just the right mixture of news and humor. Take Their interview with Braves Rookie Relievers Jonny Venters and Craig Kimbal when Millar says, “Does Dan Uggla own a new york yankees t shirt with sleeves cause every time I see him he’s sleeveless” then ask Kimbal’s opinion about an awkward hug between Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward, “Are they that close??”

Millar also makes an occasional appearance on MLB TONIGHT LIVE, where he shines, especially when Chris Rose is hosting. Here an example of a funny exchange…They were running a “Double Play”, when they show two games at one…One game was a Rays/Rangers game in the bottom of the night and the score was 4-0 Rays. The other was an A’s/Indians game tied at the bottom of the 10th inning. Chris Rose was talking about the Rays/Rangers game, as Jim Thome (600 Career Homeruns) was batting in the A’s/Indians game, and Rose was paying so much attention to the Rays game and Millar finally stepped in and laughed, “IT’S JIM THOME!! JIM THOME…When Rose started paying attention to the game, Millar came back with “Rose is really into this Indians game” in a real smart-ass sarcastic way.

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