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Garden Dash

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The spring is already here and those who are lucky enough to have the time for some gardening must be just to be able to fully enjoy it. The rest of us are not left out from the gardening process either. We can do the same thing right there in the office or at home with the help of Garden Dash.

Gardening is usually meant for some relaxation and also a break from the everyday routine, but I’m not sure that you are going to relax much. The game is quite tough with the time limits even in the easier of the two modes.

You are playing as Barb, a business woman from Diner Town. Barb got a little bit tired and frustrated and decided to try gardening in the attempt to bring garmony back to her life. So she is going to start opening garden shops all over the town. This business enterprise spreads over 50 levels and 5 locations.

The main goal for each level here is to fulfill the given number of orders. Unlike many games where you are to earn the set amount of money. You do that by planting various flowers, fruits, vegetables in pots and take care of them. Then you just place them in a basket where the customers pick them up automatically.

Those steps remind the same routine at first, but then you find out that every plant needs different kinds of tending to them. One of my favourite was for cucumbers. They only grow when Barb talks to them. Isn’t that sweet?

There is also a color-matching principle working in this game. For example, garlic and roses are red, peaches and pears are yellow, grapes are green etc. The pot changes its color according to the seeds planted into it. You get bonuses for planting the same seeds several times in the same pot. Those bonuses though are not extra money, but extra time.

Additional time isn’t that bad for this game, because the complete a levels within the time limit is quite a challenge sometimes. You can also try the more challenging mode, if the easier one seems too easy for you. The second mode gets unlocked for each location after it is completed in the easy mode first.

Each location offers some unique obstacles for you to overcome. But the game is also generous for the upgrades for your plants or Barb, like better cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt or fertilizer.

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