Geometric Print Sewing Machine Mat – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton, printed, 50cmBias binding, cotton, 25mm widthWaddingThread, cotton, matching colour

Make a storage mat

Download the templates and print them out. Cut out all of the printed cotton pieces as instructed on the pattern. Stitch bias binding along the longest straight edge of the pocket piece. Lay the pocket panel on top of the main mat and pin in place.

Run lines of stitching vertically along the pouch panel to create the pockets. These can be as big or small as desired depending on what will be stored in them. Sew binding around the outside edge of the whole mat.

Take the two rectangular pieces for the pin cushion and place them right sides together. Sew around three of the edges with a 1cm seam allowance. Clip the corners and turn out. Press with a warm iron. Stuff with wadding and sew up the open end by hand using cotton thread.

Take a long piece of binding and fold it in half lengthways.Press with a warm iron, and stitch along the length to create a tie. By hand, sew the pin cushion to the binding tie and attach one end to the inside of one of the pockets. Finally, attach two pieces of Velcro to the tie so that the mat can be rolled up.