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Geox shoes were designed to give a ventilation effect to the feet. When people wear shoes for a long time, especially during the summers, they tend to sweat a lot. The sweaty feet inside the shoes remain like that for long hours, causing micro-organisms to grow on them and thus causing a lot of foot diseases. A relief to this situation is Geox footwear, which has been designed to provide free air circulation within the feet, so that the feet can breathe easily and stay dry and fresh even in summers.

The footwear’s insole has a micro-porous membrane and small perforations in the rubber outsole to permit perspiration and moisture to escape from these shoes. A person can wear these shoes all day long and still feel fresh all day. The shoe not only treats persisting foot ailments, but also prevents further disorders.

The Geox men shoes were brought up as a company by Mario Moretti Polegato in 1990’s. The Italian brand fared well in its idea of letting the feet breathe and thus won huge popularity. Mario once found after a jogging session, that his feet were too hot and it was too uncomfortable. Then he made some holes inside his shoes, and immediately noticed the temperature difference. This provoked him to invent Geox shoes.

Geox men shoes were first introduced as treatment shoes for people who were suffering from foot ailments caused due to improper shoe wearing. But slowly the effects were so positively evident that almost everyone today owns one. The brand slowly expanded into many products and services, and today they are present in more than 80 countries and have done a successful business for more than 15 years. Geox men shoes are available in countless designs and patterns and the brand leaves no room for disappointment when it comes to selection.

One can find them even on internet, as there is an opportunity of finding more discounts and offers online. For those who love to hit the streets all the time, and cannot stay indoors, this shoe is highly recommended.

write by Christopher Warfel

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