Have you failed at your third job interview? Perhaps you’re doing something wrong. As you can see, although you meet numerous employers, they all look at the same thing. They want someone who’s serious, competent and of course, well-groomed.

Let’s review: how will you be able to exemplify these qualities?


Employers have a way of evaluating your level of seriousness by just looking at you or the way you present your resume. Not many people know but from the minute you send your cover letter, the recruitment officer is already trying to see what you’re like. Always remember to write your cover letter with a structure.

Your job interview attire is also a factor. They will observe everything about you second the enter their office. This also includes the requirements you possess. You also have to be early. If they see that you’re prepared for your interview, they will see that you are determined to enter their company and that’s a plus right there.

If you do additional things like research on the company, provide them with samples of your work (depending on the job you applied for) and things which require extra effort. This will impress your bosses.


This is what the interview proper is for. Here, they will see if you’re capable of working with them; if you’re diligent or smart. The first thing they will notice is your way of speaking. If you talk too fast, too slow, too loud or too soft, they will probably be distracted.

You should be sincere. You should tell them your strengths, which can help them reach their goals. You should show them that you’re willing to learn by telling them how you are able to handle pressure by citing experiences. Don’t tell them too much, like your weaknesses. If ever they ask, do not mention anything that will make them change their mind about you.


Appearance is key, especially in companies which cater to clients. Whenever your bosses send you at a field work, you are carrying with you the name of your company. People tend to underestimate this. You should always wear something presentable. You should research on what type of company you’re going to, to learn what kind of beamng you need to wear.

Appearance will tell the company you’re applying for if you’re serious or not, as mentioned before. Never ever wear jeans, beamng or even slippers. Employers often complain about this.

write by Curtis