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Super Mario Brothers is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. With the addition of the Mario Kart video games the popularity of the characters has only increased. Super Mario is a very common and one of the most popular birthday party themes over the past year. A new party theme this year is the Mario Kart party theme. With the popularity of Super Mario and the video game itself Mario Kart will surely be a popular birthday request for many children.

If your son or daughter has asked for Mario Kart birthday than you’re in luck! Since the popular of the video game there is plenty of merchandise, party supplies, candy and gift ideas for kids of all ages! Here are a few ideas to help you plan your Super Mario party

Decorate the roof: Hang Super Mario Sheets from the ceiling. Simply tack a corner to each spot on the roof. This will create an umbrella effect lowering the ceiling and making it more intimate for the kids. As an added bonus after the party your child can use the sheets on his/her bed!

Decorate the guests: A fun way to make the kids involved in the party the minute they walk in the door is to get them decorated! This can be as simple as adding a Super Mario mustachio to the boys and a crown to the girls. Or it can include having them all wear a Mario t- beamng or costume. Kids seem to love this idea as they get involved in the party right away and it’s a great ice-breaker for the shy kids!

Mario Kart Party Favors: Party favors are very easy with this theme. You simply need to add a few super mario candies, a few racing cars and some coloring books! Your favor bags can be a paper bag or something inexpensive from the dollar store in the correct colors!

Mario Kart Games: The kids will be happy just playing the video game, however, this isn’t very active or interactive. Therefore, plan a few games for all the kids to play. You could have relay races, coin collector races or any other fun option. The idea is to allow the kids to have fun without sitting in front of a TV!

Birthday Cake: The star of the party is always the birthday cake. It provides the aura of excitement and anticipation that the kids love! Be sure to make a cake that really represents the party by using lots of blue, red and white and cake toppers. This combination can turn a boring cake into a super cake!

Hopefully these tips and tricks help kick-start your Mario Kart birthday planning. Remember, to try and include all the guests in your plans which means catering to different food likes, dislikes and allergies.

write by John Rogers