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TUK shoes were born in the UK and was raised in California. Yes, here are a range of shoes which are meant for punks and fanatics of alternative clothing. If you swear by these Rockabilly Shoes, you can discover a very wide variety of TUK heels, Mary Jane shoes, wedge heels and their infamous creeper sneakers among many others.

The word TUK stands for Tread United Kingdom and this is a British boot manufacturer that has maintained its stance with the British punk scene and these are among some of the famous boot makers which are inspired by music, art, fashion, and styles of the punk scene.

The TUK shoes are inspired by brothel creepers and rockabilly heels and are also known for their trainers and sneakers. The TUK shoes are referred to as the staple of underground rock and roll. The styles of TUK feature footwear which is meant for the punk, rockabilly and Goth scene. The TUK shoes are usually found in the punk and Goth stores. Do not miss out on the amazing Voodoo Cavegirl Creeper Sneakers which have the super cool art work and these look and fit great on your heels.

The Mary Jane Teddy White Sneakers are ideal for all those who are looking for the fresh and original winter collection. The spectacular white leopard design makes the punk rock teddy shoes great looking for the wearer. With the popularity of the Gothic shoes in recent years, this is basically an underground style which is worn by a few people. With the present day generation becoming really fashion conscious, people have moved to the mainstream for ideas.

This in turn led to the alternative culture of retro coming into it’s own since it gives them a unique look and appearance. It also gives us an exciting look into the personalities of these young and lavish individuals and witness their exotic tastes and when they use the a range of punk, retro aesthetics, and leather wear we get a new generation punk rocker.

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